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Memorandum on Rabies: Prevention and Control (February 2000)

Author(s)Department of Health; Ministry of Agriculture; Fisheries and Food; the Public Health Laboratory Service; (now Health Protection Agency) the Health and Safety Executive and has been endorsed by the Advisory Committee on Dangerous pathogens
AbstractThe memorandum replaces the edition issued in August 1977 and has been prepared in the light of the recommendations of the World health organisation (WHO) Expert Committee on Rabies 1992, and the Kennedy Report by the Advisory Group on Quarantine 1998.
The memorandum is intended primarily for use by the local public health services, especially Consultants in Communicable Disease Control and others in the medical and allied professions with an interest.
The document provides chapters on: -
Background on rabies in animals and people
Prevention of rabies in people
Management of a patient with rabies
Public health actions.
Appendices are included on: -
Government Policy, Legislation and PETS
Human Diploid cell Vaccine and its use for pre-exposure prophylaxis
Guide to post exposure treatment
Stockholders of rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin
The carriage of dangerous goods
Clinical waste
The management of a case of rabies in an animal
Date of publishing02/01/2000
Date of last review by us06/10/2010
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Click here for full reviewSue Wiseman The memorandum takes into account recent recommendations and advances which include a vaccine based system to replace quarantine. It details the risks, protection and procedures for those likely to encounter pets or humans suffering from rabies.. . .


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