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Delivering travel health services: RCN guidance for nursing staff

Author(s)Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
AbstractThe guidance is aimed at nurses who take on the principle role of providing travel health services in general practice, occupational health settings schools, the NHS, private travel clinics and the armed forces.
Nurses may take on this role when not necessarily competent to do so and health requirements of travellers are becoming much more diverse and complex so those providing the services need to be better informed and up to date with best practice.
This short guidance outlines: -
What is involved in providing a travel health service
Practitioner education required
Utilisation of essential and other resources
Recommendations for and measuring of best practice
Appendix 1 gives a useful list of resources such as websites, reading and other information
This guidance is a useful first step to understanding what is required of a travel health service whether providing basic or more specialist advice.
Date of publishing06/01/2005
Date of last review by us11/11/2012
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe guidance outlines the requirements and resources necessary for delivering a travel health service in a variety of settings . . .


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