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Intervention to improve antibiotic prescribing practices for hospital inpatients

Author(s)Davey P; Brown E; Fenelon L; Finch R; Gould I; Hartman G; Holmes A; Ramsay C; Taylor E; Wilcox M; Wiffen P.
AbstractThis Cochrane review looks at the effectiveness of professional interventions that alone or in combination are successful in promoting prudent antibiotic prescribing to hospital inpatients and evaluates the impact these interventions have on reducing the incidence of antimicrobial resistant pathogens or CDAD and the impact on clinical outcomes.
To determine what improved prescribing, 66 studies were analysed from North America and the United Kingdom.
Six studies tested methods increasing antibiotics around time of surgery
The other sixty studies tested persuasive and restrictive methods to reduce unnecessary antibiotic usage
Conclusions were that both methods improved prescribing, decreased infection rates, deaths, illness and length of stay but that restrictive methods appeared to have a greater effect than persuasive methods
Date of publishing02/01/2006
Date of last review by us12/21/2011
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe review looks at how antibiotics prescribing by physicians working in hospitals can be improved in an attempt to reduce antimicrobial resistance and CDAD. . .


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