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Exercise Winter Willow - lessons identified

Author(s)UK Resilience (DH)
AbstractOver 5,000 people from a large number of UK organisations representing government, industry and the voluntary sector participated in Exercise Winter Willow, with a common aim to check preparation for the major disruptive challenges that an influenza pandemic may bring.
Feedback from all levels has indicated that the exercise was helpful in checking and validating plans and communication channels. Action is already underway to ensure that lessons identified are used to review and revise plans and procedures. This includes the National Framework, due to be published in October, and issues where other Government departments will take the lead.
The Department of Health is taking work forward in:
- Communications
- Scientific advice
- Demand for countermeasures
- Human resources
Work is already underway nationally, regionally and locally to take forward the issues identified and to improve planning and preparedness
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Date of publishing08/30/2007
Date of last review by us09/17/2013
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