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Enumeration of coliforms and presumptive Escherichia coli by the most probable number (MPN) technique (D5)

AbstractNational Standard Methods are a comprehensive referenced collection of clinical microbiology SOPs, algorithms (for virology and serology), and guidance notes, consisting of over 200 documents. National Standard Methods have been developed since 1996 by working groups of experienced laboratory-based medical and scientific microbiologists from throughout the HPA (previously the PHLS) and NHS.

The development of National Standard Methods and algorithms is undertaken under the auspices of the HPA in conjunction with the NHS and the National Public Health Service for Wales and with professional societies including the Association of Medical Microbiologists, Association of Clinical Microbiologists, Institute of Biomedical Science, Clinical Virology Network and the Scottish Microbiology Association.

Background information on National Standard Methods (

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Date of publishing05/01/2005
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