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Peginterferon Alfa-2a plus Ribavirin for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection in HIV-infected Patients (APRICOT TRIAL)

Author(s)Francesca J. Torriani et al
AbstractRandomised multicentre controlled trial of 860 patients comparing standard interferon α-2a + ribavirin vs. peginterferon α-2a alone vs. peginterferon α-2a + ribavirin all for 48 weeks.
The overall rate of sustained virologic response was significantly higher (40%) in the peginterferon + ribavirin group compared to the other two groups. The two significant factors associated with response were genotype and HCV RNA level, e.g. SVR 62% in genotype 2/3 compared with SVR 18% if genotype 1 and HCV RNA >800 000IU/ml.
The negative predictive value of early virologic response (HCV RNA <50IU/ml or more than 2 log10 drop in HCV RNA) was 98%.

The incidence of adverse events was high in all three groups (18% rate of serious adverse events) and the rate of withdrawal was also high (32%). There was no significant impact on control of HIV disease – CD4 counts dropped but CD4 percentages remained stable.
These results clearly show that successful treatment of hepatitis C is possible in HIV-infected individuals particularly in those with genotype 2/3. The results in genotype 1 are much worse especially with high HCV RNA levels and this along with the high rates of adverse events illustrate the urgent need for the development of more efficacious and tolerable treatment regimens.
Date of publishing07/29/2004
Date of last review by us04/17/2005
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