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Guidelines for the investigation of chronic diarrhoea (tests for malabsorption), 2nd edition

Author(s)PD Thomas; A Forbes; J Green; P Howdle; R Long; R Playford; M Sheridan; R Stevens; R Valori; J Walters; GM Addison; P Hill; G Brydon
AbstractThese guidelines are directed at consultant gastroenterologists, specialist registrars in training, and GP's, and refer specifically to adult not paediatric gastroenterology. Their purpose is to provide guidance on the best available methods of investigating symptoms of chronic diarrhoea. They attempt to rationalise the approach to investigation in the context of this common clinical scenario.
Published in GUT 2003;52 (Suppl V):v1-v15
Date of publishing07/01/2003
Date of last review by us10/26/2005
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