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Simple guide to Clostridium difficile

Author(s)Department of Health
AbstractThis is a simple guide which explains what Clostridium difficile is and gives very brief background information on the epidemiology. The clinical picture is described and there is an explanation of who gets C. difficile, how it spreads, the causes, diagnosis and different typing to identify the more virulent strains.
Prevention and control is outlined under the headings: -
Prudent antibiotic prescribing
Isolation of patients and good infection control nursing
Enhanced environmental cleaning
The document is primarily aimed at professionals but would make a useful guide on which to base leaflets for patients and their relatives.
Date of publishing07/19/2005
Date of last review by us01/04/2011
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe guide explains what C difficile is, how it developed, ways in which it can cause infection and basic prevention and control practice. . . .


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