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1. Short summary / abstract
This is an overview, intended for the general public, of Traveller's Diarrhoea. There is a comprehensive review of preventative measures, treatment and advice on when a doctor should be consulted

2. What question is the document addressing?
To review the syndrome and provide information for lay readers.

3. Type of study

4. Methods valid & appropriate?


5. Results / recommendations reliable?
Yes. The information is written by Dr Charlie Easmon (, a specialist advisor in Travel Medicine and a specialist registrar in Public Health. Netdoctor claim to follow the HoNCode ( for publishing quality health information on the net.

6. Any major problems and biases?

7. Any other important / relevant studies which confirm or contradict?

8. Keywords

Reviewer's Details:

Name:Gemma Madle
Post:Research Assistant
(Society / Organisation / Advisory Committee):
NeLI (, CeRC, IHS, City University

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