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1. Short summary / abstract
These guidelines are the main source of guidelines for HIV care in the UK and Ireland, and refered to in many other parts of the world. They provide guidance on a variety of issues such as HIV testing, when to start antiretroviral therapy, what specific drugs to use and when to change therapy, amongst many other topics considered. The guidlines are evidence based, graded on strength of evidence, and not dissimilar to guidelines from other international bodies.

2. What question is the document addressing?
See above

3. Type of study

4. Methods valid & appropriate?

These are sensible guidlines which have subsequently been updated in the 2005 BHIVA HIV treatment guidelines.

5. Results / recommendations reliable?

6. Any major problems and biases?

7. Any other important / relevant studies which confirm or contradict?

8. Keywords
HIV treatment antiretroviral therapy AIDS.

Reviewer's Details:

Name:David R Chadwick
Post:Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases
(Society / Organisation / Advisory Committee):
BHIVA (immunisation guidelines committee)

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