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1. Short summary / abstract
This guidance was issued by the Department of Health in response to recommendations from the National Screening Committee. The guidance advises that all pregnant women should be offered antenatal screening for hepatitis B virus infection (HBV). Strategic Health Authorities have been asked to implement this and to ensure that all babies born to infected mothers receive a complete course of immunisation at birth.
The guidance contains sections about Hepatitis B, what needs to happen before screening is offered and information on testing and after birth. There is a question and answer section and links to further information.

2. What question is the document addressing?
The document answers questions and provides guidance for midwives on hepatitis B testing in pregnancy and subsequent outcomes for mother and baby.

3. Type of study
Review and expert opinion

4. Methods valid & appropriate?

Quick and simple guide for midwives on specific testing for Hepatitis B in pregnancy and provides answers to some difficult questions that patients may ask.

5. Results / recommendations reliable?
Yes: at the time of publications, but due to time lapse since circulation needs to be reviewed to check evidence/professional opinion remains the same.

6. Any major problems and biases?
As above

7. Any other important / relevant studies which confirm or contradict?
1. Hepatitis B: How to Protect your baby (2002) Department of Health
2. Hepatitis B key documents
3. Hepatitis C key documents
HIV key documents

8. Keywords
antenatal screening hepatitis B immunisation HBV infection

Reviewer's Details:

Name:Sue Wiseman
Post:Nurse Consultant –Infection Control, DH
(Society / Organisation / Advisory Committee):
Member Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens
Health Protection Adviser Royal College of Nursing P/T
Member Infection Control Nurses Association

*** Note: These are the views of a professional expert rather than an official statement from his or her society, organisation or advisory committee.

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