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05/29/2015Last call for participation in the strategically important survey of African IC information needs conducted by NRIC and ICANNational Resource for Infection Control (NRIC)
05/05/2015New ECDC protocols for surveillance of healthcare-associated infections: targeted surveillance is an essential tool for control and preventionECDC
05/05/2015Sierra Leone: Helping health workers protect patients with clean hands WHO
05/05/2015Global health: How prepared are we for the next crisis?BBC News
04/29/2015Rabies: risk assessment, post-exposure treatment, managementGOV.UK
04/29/2015WHO report finds systems to combat antibiotic resistance lackingWHO
04/19/2015A call to action in support of 5 May 2015 SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign,WHO
04/19/2015The World Immunization Week, 24-30 April 2015 WHO
04/17/2015Immunization: Closing the gap on pneumonia in KenyaWHO
04/17/2015'Preventable rabies kills 160 people per day'BBC News
04/17/2015Can 'supergeeks' save Kenya's babies?BBC News
04/17/2015Annual epidemiological report 2014 - Antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections ECDC
04/11/2015WHO: Ebola survivors at risk of eye and joint problemsBBC News
04/08/2015Building a global emergency workforce ready to goWHO
04/07/2015World Health Day 7 April ECDC
04/07/2015Ebola outbreak in West Africa ECDC
03/30/2015Haiti: safe food in rural schoolsWHO
03/29/2015Meningitis B vaccine deal agreed BBC News
03/27/2015Improving protection against meningitis C leafletGOV.UK
03/27/2015Safer care for patientsGOV.UK
03/26/2015PHE deploys over 100 staff members to fight Ebola in West AfricaGOV.UK
03/26/2015Ebola: £1 million grant to develop ‘in the field’ testGOV.UK
03/24/2015World Tuberculosis Day 2015ECDC
03/06/2015Rapid Review Panel recommendationsGOV.UK
03/06/2015Current practices in immunisation policymaking in EuropeECDC
03/05/2015Ebola vaccine efficacy trial ready to launch in GuineaWHO
03/04/2015Adults get flu 'about once every five years'BBC News
03/03/2015High level conference on “Ebola: From Emergency to Recovery”: response so far and planning the recoveryECDC
03/03/2015Ebola in Liberia: Keeping communities safe from contaminated waste WHO
03/03/2015Concern over online gonorrhoea treatmentBBC News
03/02/2015The continuing problem of measles in EuropeECDC
02/26/2015Treatment options for Campylobacter infections are decreasing says new report by ECDC and EFSAECDC
02/26/2015Warning signals from the volatile world of influenza virusesWHO
02/23/2015WHO calls for worldwide use of "smart" syringesWHO
02/23/2015WHO calls for action over Mers virusBBC News
02/21/2015Seasonal influenza ECDC
02/20/2015Ebola outbreak in West Africa - latest update ECDC
02/20/2015Fifteen-minute Ebola test approvedBBC News
02/19/2015WHO urges governments to increase investment to tackle neglected tropical diseasesWHO
02/13/2015Scarlet fever notifications continue to increaseGOV.UK
02/13/2015Foodborne illness in humans: general outbreaks in England and Wales in 2015GOV.UK
02/13/2015Sierra Leone: Increasing community engagement for Ebola on-airWHO
02/11/2015Ebola crisis: Government response 'far too slow'BBC News
02/09/2015Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidance (Updated)GOV.UK
02/09/2015Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis: management guidelinesGOV.UK
02/04/2015Factsheet for travellers celebrating Chinese New Year abroadGOV.UK
02/04/2015Lower risk to Europe of Ebola virus disease due to decreasing weekly cases  ECDC
02/03/2015Get ready for the tick season: ECDC updated communication toolkit on tick-borne diseases in EuropeECDC
02/02/2015Influenza: treatment and prophylaxis using anti-viral agentsGOV.UK
02/02/2015Ebola crisis: First major vaccine trials in LiberiaBBC News
02/01/2015Clostridium difficile infection objectivesNHS England
01/30/2015ECDC/EFSA/EMA first joint report on the integrated analysis of the consumption of antimicrobial agents and occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from humans and food-producing animalsECDC
01/29/2015Public health nursing and midwifery leadership transfers to PHEGOV.UK
01/29/2015Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warnBBC News
01/28/2015More severe influenza season to be expected in EuropeECDC
01/28/2015Ebola crisis: World 'dangerously unprepared' for future pandemicsBBC News
01/27/2015WHO Executive Board appoints Dr Matshidiso Moeti as new Regional Director for AfricaWHO
01/22/2015Ebola: UK-based students visiting families in affected countriesGOV.UK
01/22/2015Ebola: guidance for harbour pilots and port operatorsGOV.UK
01/22/2015Latest on Ebola outbreak in West Africa ECDC
01/21/2015Vaccination in pregnancy (VIP) UpdateGOV.UK
01/21/2015Seasonal influenza vaccination in Europe – Vaccination recommendations and coverage rates, 2012–13ECDC
01/21/2015Davos: Western world ‘vulnerable’ to epidemics, warns Ebola expertBBC News
01/21/2015Ebola testing facility (Scotland)Health Protection Scotland
01/20/2015Londoners urged to vaccinate their children against flu as rates of the virus increaseGOV.UK
01/20/2015Rocketing vaccine cost warning BBC News
01/19/2015PHE and NHS England launch joint £11.5m strategy to wipe out TBGOV.UK
01/19/2015Revised guidance on the management of high infectious waste (ebola) Health Facilities Scotland (HFS)
01/18/2015Popular medical students 'should get flu jab first'BBC News
01/16/2015Carbapenem resistance: implementation of an enhanced surveillance systemGOV.UK
01/16/2015One year into the Ebola epidemic: a deadly, tenacious and unforgiving virusWHO
01/16/2015Report on the point prevalence survey of antimicrobial prescribing in critical care publishedPublic Health Wales
01/15/2015WHO Ebola Virus WebsiteWHO
01/15/2015Victims of contaminated NHS blood launch legal caseBBC News
01/15/2015Policy for the provision and management of cleaning services - in the Health and Social Care Sector (DHSSPS)Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS)
01/12/2015Influenza season has started in EuropeECDC
01/09/2015Flu levels continue to riseGOV.UK
01/09/2015Reported norovirus outbreaks in hospitals: suspected and laboratory-confirmed outbreaks in 2014GOV.UK
01/09/2015Ebola virus disease: information for family and friends of humanitarian aid workersGOV.UK
01/09/2015Vaccines move to Ebola frontlineBBC News
01/07/2015Antibiotics: US discovery labelled 'game-changer' for medicineBBC News
01/06/2015Can software predict the resistance of superbugs to new drugs?Medical News Today
01/05/2015New action to reduce sepsisGOV.UK
01/01/2015Wanted: Videos that promote infection prevention best practices APIC
12/31/2014Ebola contact tracing underwayGOV.UK
12/31/2014Ebola virus disease: epidemiological updateGOV.UK
12/31/2014Ebola: UK screening procedures to be reviewedBBC News
12/30/2014Epidemiological update: outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West AfricaECDC
12/30/20142014 in review: key health issuesWHO
12/30/2014Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus – ChinaWHO
12/27/2014Whooping cough proteins evolving 'unusually' fastBBC News
12/23/2014Ebola vaccine 'promising in African populations' BBC News
12/22/2014Over 70 NHS heroes fighting Ebola this ChristmasGOV.UK
12/22/2014Ebola: environmental cleaning guidance for potential contamination (excluding healthcare settings)GOV.UK
12/22/2014Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidance (Updated)GOV.UK
12/22/2014PPE during first assessment of possible Ebola patients, new ECDC documentECDC
12/22/2014Preliminary data suggest that more cases of severe disease could be expected in Europe during this influenza seasonECDC
12/19/2014PHE scientists receive Ebola treatment research fundingGOV.UK
12/18/2014PHE figures confirm flu season has startedGOV.UK
12/14/2014Progress report on the UK 5 year AMR strategy: 2014GOV.UK
12/14/2014Poor water and hygiene 'kills mothers and newborns'BBC News
12/13/2014Keeping illness at bay on cruisesGOV.UK
12/12/2014NHS winter planningGOV.UK
12/12/2014Work exposures to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C still risingBBC News
12/12/2014Reported norovirus outbreaks in hospitals: suspected and laboratory-confirmed outbreaks in 2014GOV.UK
12/12/2014Common gastrointestinal infections in England and Wales: laboratory reports in 2014GOV.UK
12/12/2014Salmonella infections (faecal specimens) in England and Wales: laboratory reports 2014GOV.UK
12/12/2014Trends in vaccine-preventable diseases in Europe ECDC
12/12/2014Health partners unite to build stronger systems for health in Ebola-affected countriesWHO
12/09/2014Halving of malaria deaths 'tremendous achievement'BBC News
12/09/2014Doing, supporting and using public health researchGOV.UK
12/08/2014Risk assessment of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa: 8 December 2014GOV.UK
12/08/2014Systematic review of the effectiveness of infection control measures to prevent the transmission of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae through cross-border transfer of patientsECDC
12/08/2014Survivors help improve Ebola careWHO
12/05/2014Ebola risk remains low as PHE publishes first monthly Ebola summaryGOV.UK
12/05/2014Ebola: basic fluid and nutrition care 'being missed' BBC News
12/04/2014Over 11,800 people have pledged to protect antibiotics by becoming Antibiotic GuardiansGOV.UK
12/04/2014Joint EFSA, ECDC assessment says domestic pets in Europe unlikely to be exposed to Ebola virusECDC
12/03/2014Safe use of personal protective equipment in the treatment of infectious diseases of high consequenceECDC
11/28/2014Chikungunya cases increase in the CaribbeanGOV.UK
11/24/2014Hospital cleaning: revised specification publishedGOV.UK
11/24/2014WHO Director-General visits Mali to bolster UN support to the Ebola outbreakWHO
11/24/2014Bag-for-life 'bug risk' adviceBBC News
11/21/2014Scarlet fever, the beginning of a new seasonGOV.UK
11/21/2014Early sign of yellow fever could lead to new treatmentBBC News
11/20/2014More than 340,000 healthcare workers take up flu vaccineGOV.UK
11/20/2014Managing healthcare workers returning from Ebola affected areas: new ECDC reportECDC
11/19/2014Ebola virus: UK government responseGOV.UK
11/19/2014Ebola outbreak: $5.7m pledged for blood plasma trialsBBC News
11/18/2014HIV infections continue to riseGOV.UK
11/18/2014Avian influenza (bird flu) outbreak in Yorkshire: risk to public health extremely lowGOV.UK
11/18/2014Entrenched misconceptions about antibiotics revealed in new surveyGOV.UK
11/18/2014European Antibiotic Awareness Day ECDC
11/17/2014Resistance to last-line antibiotics continues to cause concern in EuropeECDC
11/17/2014Did they die from Ebola?WHO
11/13/2014Major new report on digital technology - improving health outcomes and the quality of patient care through digital technology and innovation GOV.UK
11/13/2014Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies talks about the low risk of Ebola in the UKGOV.UK
11/11/2014Information on Cleaning and Decontamination (CDC)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
11/06/2014Ebola: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donning and Doffing Procedures (CDC)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
11/06/2014HOW EBOLA IS SPREAD Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
11/06/2014Posters: on Cleaning and Hand Washing with Chlorine Solution in the African Setting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
11/06/2014Hospitals already seeing outbreaks of norovirus causing ward closures warns Public Health EnglandGOV.UK
11/05/2014Antivirals in the fight against flu this winterGOV.UK
11/05/2014Half of people with hepatitis C unawareGOV.UK
11/03/2014Government of Senegal boosts Ebola awareness through SMS campaignWHO
10/27/2014Sign up to SafetyNHS England
10/27/2014Fears that Ebola crisis will set back malaria fight BBC News
10/24/2014Jeremy Hunt: message to NHS staff on 'Sign up to Safety' campaignGOV.UK
10/24/2014WHO convenes industry leaders and key partners to discuss trials and production of Ebola vaccineWHO
10/23/2014Final Care Act guidance publishedGOV.UK
10/23/2014Public health management of persons who have been exposed to the Ebola virus ECDC
10/22/2014Improved data reveals higher global burden of tuberculosisWHO
10/21/2014How to avoid Delhi belly and the plight of the biteGOV.UK
10/20/2014WHO declares Senegal and Nigeria free of Ebola virus transmissionECDC
10/20/2014International Infection Prevention Week 2014 (APIC)APIC
10/20/201419 - 25 October 2014 Infection Prevention Week 2014Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
10/16/2014Ebola and Marburg haemorrhagic fevers: outbreaks and case locationsGOV.UK
10/14/2014Enhanced Ebola screening process beginsGOV.UK
10/14/2014Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidanceGOV.UK
10/14/2014Ebola treatments - how far off?BBC News
10/10/2014New report reveals increase in use of antibiotics linked to rising levels of antibiotic resistanceGOV.UK
10/10/2014Join over 1,500 antibiotic guardians: choose a pledge today to help tackle antibiotic resistanceGOV.UK
10/10/2014West Africa Ebola outbreak: guidance to UK ports and shipping operatorsGOV.UK
10/09/2014Stop norovirus spreading this winter: leafletGOV.UK
10/08/2014Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidanceGOV.UK
10/08/2014Multi-agency contingency plan for disease outbreaks in prisonsGOV.UK
10/08/2014WHO warns of Ebola health care risksBBC News
10/08/2014Study finds half of hospitalized patients use antibioticsMedical News Today
10/07/2014Ebola surveillance and contingency planning ongoing in UKGOV.UK
10/07/2014Epidemiological update: First Ebola case diagnosed in the EUECDC
10/07/2014Risk of transmission of Ebola virus via donated blood and other substances of human origin in the EUECDC
10/06/2014Public Health England and the NHS prepare for unpredictable flu seasonGOV.UK
10/06/2014The Guinean town that overcame EbolaWHO
10/06/2014Liberia: survivors help train health workers for Ebola careWHO
09/30/2014Rabies: risk assessment, post-exposure treatment, managementGOV.UK
09/29/2014Defeating Ebola in Sierra Leone conferenceGOV.UK
09/29/2014Ebola infographic: What you need to know (Travel to and from Ebola-affected countries)WHO
09/29/2014Ebola: Protective measures for medical staffWHO
09/26/2014Epidemiological update: outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West AfricaECDC
09/26/2014Antibiotic treatments from GPs 'fail 15% of the time'BBC News
09/25/2014Small decrease, but TB rates remain unacceptably highGOV.UK
09/24/2014Vaccination of health and social care workers against flu: 2014 and 2015GOV.UK
09/23/2014European Antibiotic Awareness Day is marked annually on 18 November.ECDC
09/23/2014International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) 2014 (19/25 October)APIC
09/23/2014European Antibiotic Awareness Day: 2014 resourcesGOV.UK
09/23/2014European Antibiotic Awareness Day: quizzes and crosswordsGOV.UK
09/23/2014'Ebola death rates 70%' study showsBBC News
09/19/2014Infection Prevention and Control – Combatting a problem that has not gone away (England) The Medical Technology Group (MTG)
09/18/2014MRSA screening and suppression: quick reference guide for primary careGOV.UK
09/12/2014Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): government responseGOV.UK
09/02/2014Infection control in schoolsGOV.UK
09/02/2014Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidanceGOV.UK
09/02/2014Ebola virus disease: managing patients who require assessment in primary careGOV.UK
09/02/2014Health protection content now on GOV.UKGOV.UK
09/02/2014Revised recommendations for administering more than 1 live vaccineGOV.UK
09/02/2014Patient safety alert – resources to support the prompt recognition of sepsis and the rapid initiation of treatmentNHS England
09/02/2014Ebola vaccine human trial begins in the USBBC News
09/01/2014Infection - Evidence Update September 2014 (NICE)National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
08/29/2014Ebola: advice and risk assessment for universities and further educational establishmentsGOV.UK
08/29/2014Ebola: advice and risk assessment for educational, childcare and young persons’ settingsGOV.UK
08/28/2014WHO issues roadmap to scale up international response to the Ebola outbreak in west AfricaGOV.UK
08/19/2014PHE urges freshers to get MenC vaccine before beginning universityGOV.UK
08/18/2014Implementation of modified admission MRSA screening guidanceGOV.UK
08/04/2014Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Hospitalized Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in U.S. HospitalsCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
08/04/2014OneandOnlyCampaign Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
08/04/2014Ebola: government responseGOV.UK
07/31/2014Ebola: government responseGOV.UK
07/31/2014Ebola virus disease: information for humanitarian aid workersGOV.UK
07/31/2014Sierra Leone declares Ebola public health emergencyBBC News
07/30/2014Verocytoxin-producing Escherichia coli O117:H7: advice for laboratories and clinical microbiologistsGOV.UK
07/29/2014'Milestone' for child malaria vaccineBBC News
07/28/2014Child flu vaccine pilots announced for second yearDepartment of Health (DH)
07/28/2014Hepatitis C annual report: progress made, but much more to doGOV.UK
07/28/2014World Hepatitis Day 2014 ECDC
07/24/2014PHE advice on staying mosquito-bite free this summerGOV.UK
07/17/2014Epidemiological update: Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in West AfricaECDC
07/14/2014Chlamydia screening and condom schemes encourage safer sexual behaviour in young adultsGOV.UK
07/14/2014Childhood flu immunisation programme from September 2014 to 2015: information for parents and schoolsGOV.UK
07/14/2014Investigation of outbreaks of food or waterborne disease: public health responseGOV.UK
07/07/2014Sign up to Safety - a new campaign NHS England
07/07/2014Deterioration - How to reduce harmNHS England
07/07/2014PM's plan on antibiotics not urgent enough, report saysBBC News
07/07/2014Ebola outbreak: Ghana reports suspected case BBC News
07/07/2014Ministers must stop unnecessary use of antibiotics in healthcare and farming Science & Technology Select Committee
07/04/2014Leptospirosis associated with a triathlon eventGOV.UK
07/03/2014Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever case identified in UKGOV.UK
07/03/2014Health Ministers agree on priority actions to end Ebola outbreak in West AfricaWHO
07/02/2014Antibiotic resistance: Cameron warns of medical 'dark ages'BBC News
07/02/2014Ebola: WHO calls emergency talks on outbreakBBC News
07/01/2014Bacillus cereus infections: 1 July 2014 - Main findingsGOV.UK
07/01/2014Public Health England advice on home birthing poolsGOV.UK
06/30/2014Taking stock in South Africa as Expanded Programme on Immunization marks 40 years WHO
06/27/2014Jeremy Hunt: message to NHS staff on strengthening patient safetyDepartment of Health (DH)
06/18/2014Bird flu 'danger zones' mappedBBC News
06/17/2014Alert after Legionnaires’ disease case in babyGOV.UK
06/17/2014Sexually transmitted infection risk in England is greatest in gay men and young adultsGOV.UK
06/17/2014Directory of online resources for prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections now availableECDC
06/10/2014New study reveals the costs of low uptake of hepatitis C treatmentGOV.UK
06/10/2014Flu vaccinations: which flu vaccine should you or your child have - promotional materialGOV.UK
06/10/20142014 West Nile fever season: ECDC launches weekly mapsECDC
06/10/2014World Blood Donor Day: Safe blood for saving mothers WHO
06/09/2014Sierra Leone ebola death toll 'doubles to 12 in a week'BBC News
06/06/2014Child flu vaccine pilot has positive impactGOV.UK
05/30/2014CDC Launches a New Website about SepsisCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
05/30/2014Uptake of the new shingles vaccine continues to improveGOV.UK
05/30/2014How do we compare?GOV.UK
05/29/2014Measles cases in the US reach 20-year highBBC News
05/28/2014Information to travellers to polio-infected countriesECDC
05/28/2014New H10N8 bird flu 'not imminent global threat'BBC News
05/23/2014Travel associated measles accounts for a third of England cases as numbers continue declineGOV.UK
05/23/2014The complete routine immunisation schedule 2013 to 2014GOV.UK
05/23/2014How to assess risk of tuberculosis transmission on aircraft: an update ECDC
05/22/2014Sepsis (CDC)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
05/19/2014New nursing code: Patients asked to help shape draftBBC News
05/17/2014Brazil 2014: World Cup dengue fever risk predictedBBC News
05/16/2014Scarlet fever levels show a decline across EnglandGOV.UK
05/15/2014Care Bill becomes Care Act 2014Department of Health (DH)
05/14/2014PHE update on MERS-CoVGOV.UK
05/14/2014HPV vaccination programme schedule changing from 3 to 2 dosesGOV.UK
05/07/2014Flu vaccinations: which flu vaccine should you or your child haveGOV.UK
05/07/2014WHO concludes MERS-CoV mission in Saudi ArabiaWHO
05/06/2014Epidemiological update: Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)ECDC
05/05/2014The invisible bugs that lurk on your handsGOV.UK
05/05/2014“SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands”: Reducing the spread of antimicrobial resistance in long-term care facilitiesECDC
05/05/2014World facing polio health emergencyBBC News
05/05/2014Helsinki, Finland – The Next Step in Accelerating Global Health SecurityCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
05/04/2014Costa Rica: cleaning hands stops the spread of drug-resistant germsWHO
05/02/2014High levels of scarlet fever remain across EnglandGOV.UK
05/02/2014Case of suspected MERS-CoV detected on flight throught LondonGOV.UK
05/02/2014PHE Risk Assessment - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-COV)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/01/2014Lyme disease clinic updateGOV.UK
05/01/2014Green light for investment in new hospital in BrightonGOV.UK
05/01/2014PHE welcomes World Health Organization report on global issue of antimicrobial resistanceGOV.UK
05/01/2014Multi-agency investigation into E. coli O157 cases in LancashireGOV.UK
05/01/2014New immunisation gateway on ECDC’s portal ECDC
05/01/2014SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands - Are you ready to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistant germs?WHO
05/01/2014Water Hygiene Webinars free from RSPHRoyal Society for Public Health (RSPH)
04/29/2014Contact tracing for infectious diseases transmitted on aircraft: new ECDC report covers influenza virusesECDC
04/17/2014Small Changes. Save Lives - join the campaignNational Patient Safety Agency
04/17/2014The REDUCE MRSA study - CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
04/17/2014PHE publish guidance for managing the continuing increase in scarlet fever casesGOV.UK
04/09/2014WHO issues its first hepatitis C treatment guidelinesWHO
04/09/2014Antibiotic switching 'evades bacterial resistance'BBC News
04/01/2014Finding reliable health information on the web - APIC APIC
04/01/2014NICE Quality Standard published on Infection Control (England) National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
04/01/2014Antimicrobial resistance: global report on surveillance 2014WHO
04/01/2014Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2013Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
03/09/2014Malaria 'spreading to new altitudes'BBC News
03/07/2014EU-wide agreement on how to crack down on TB in citiesGOV.UK
03/07/2014PHE launches toolkit to manage hospital infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteriaGOV.UK
03/07/2014Vaccine update: issue 211 January 2014GOV.UK
03/07/2014Rapid Risk Assessment and mitigation options on measles outbreak in a Mediterranean cruise ship ECDC
03/07/2014Warning over hospital superbug linked to 16 deathsBBC News
03/04/2014New nursing apprenticeships for those who have proven they can careDepartment of Health (DH)
03/04/2014Meningococcal C conjugate vaccine: advice for healthcare practitionersDepartment of Health (DH)
03/04/2014Spread of multi drug resistant TB limited to high-risk groups in the UKGOV.UK
03/04/2014Cricket Twenty20 World Cup in Bangladesh - remind travelling fans to follow good food, water and personal hygiene at all times GOV.UK
02/28/2014Significant drop in measles cases in EnglandBBC News
02/28/2014Evaluation of vaccine uptake during the 2013 MMR catch-up campaign in EnglandBBC News
02/28/2014Measles and Rubella monitoring report, January – December 2013ECDC
02/28/2014Viruses in 700-year-old human feces have antibiotic resistance genesMedical News Today
02/27/2014The One & Only Campaign Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
02/27/2014Medical Innovation Bill: Will it encourage responsible innovation and help prevent what's irresponsible? Please give your viewsDepartment of Health (DH)
02/27/2014Stethoscopes 'more contaminated' than doctors' handsBBC News
02/26/2014Human infections with avian influenza A viruses in China, new ECDC Rapid Risk AssessmentECDC
02/26/2014Detection and control of poliovirus transmission in the European Union and European Economic AreaECDC
02/25/2014HIV, sexual and reproductive health current issues bulletin: issue 3, February 2014GOV.UK
02/24/2014Rare 'polio-like' disease reportsBBC News
02/21/2014Underlying issues are key to dispelling vaccine doubts WHO
02/21/2014Vaccine update: issue 212 February 2014GOV.UK
02/20/2014'Keep focus' on fighting malaria in Africa, doctors sayBBC News
02/19/2014ECDC/EFSA annual report on zoonoses and food-borne outbreaks shows Campylobacter decreasing slightly, Salmonella down and Listeria monocytogenes upECDC
02/14/2014Cleaning up safely following floodingGOV.UK
02/01/2014Flooding – health advice on floodwaterGOV.UK
01/28/2014How to be a good visitor at a nursing home APIC
01/27/2014Pandemic concerns prompt experts to seek better understanding of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)Medical News Today
01/20/2014New appointment in the fight against healthcare associated infectionsGOV.UK
01/20/2014A rapid evidence review of health advocacy for communicable diseases - Insights into health communicationECDC
01/20/2014HINARI: Providing access to health literatureWHO
01/17/2014Enteric fever cases decrease for the second yearGOV.UK
01/17/2014Influenza season has started in Europe: still time to protect yourself and othersECDC
01/15/2014WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Newsletter - 15 January 2014WHO
01/13/2014India three years polio-freeWHO
01/08/2014Pregnant women advised to avoid animals that are giving birthDepartment of Health (DH)
01/08/2014First N America H5N1 bird flu death confirmed in CanadaBBC News
01/07/2014WHO delivers more than 125 tons of medical supplies in AleppoWHO
01/07/2014Quarter of health care workers carry diarrhea spores on their handsMedical News Today
01/07/2014New protein discovery 'could help treat toxoplasmosis and malaria'Medical News Today
01/06/2014Tackling drug-resistant TB in LondonBBC News
01/02/2014Rubella resourcesGOV.UK
01/02/2014WHO and partners launch measles vaccination in Central African RepublicWHO
01/01/2014Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR)GOV.UK
01/01/2014Healthcare Associated Infections – litigation and reputationInfection Prevention Society (IPS)
12/29/2013Some bacteria 'live for long periods' on toys, books and cribsMedical News Today
12/19/2013Annual Epidemiological Report 2013ECDC
12/16/2013US health watchdog cracks down on antibacterial soapsBBC News
12/13/2013ECDC Guidance: investigation and control of TB incidents affecting children in congregate settingsECDC
12/11/2013World malaria report 2013 shows major progress in fight against malaria, calls for sustained financingWHO
12/10/2013Updated ECDC risk assessment on the risk of wild poliovirus importation and transmission in EU/EEA countriesECDC
12/05/2013Levels of healthcare-acquired MRSA and C. difficile infections remain stableGOV.UK
12/05/2013Catching some sun, not infectionsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/01/2013epic3: National Evidence-Based Guidelines for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections in NHS Hospitals in EnglandJournal of Hospital Infection
11/25/2013Epidemiological update: Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)ECDC
11/25/2013Adolescents falling through gaps in HIV servicesWHO
11/22/2013“Talk HIV, test HIV”: ECDC welcomes first European HIV testing weekECDC
11/21/2013PHE supporting National HIV Testing WeekGOV.UK
11/19/2013Francis report on Mid Staffs: government accepts recommendationsGOV.UK
11/15/2013Surviving the cold and flu season without antibioticsGOV.UK
11/15/2013European Antibiotic Awareness Day: Rates of carbapenem-resistant infections continue to increase in EuropeECDC
11/14/2013Decision on serious cross-border threats to health ECDC
11/14/2013New malaria vaccines roadmap targets next generation products by 2030WHO
11/14/2013'Unpredictable pandemics' warningBBC News
11/13/2013Flu data to be collected from UK schoolsBBC News
11/12/2013New tool is launched for infectious disease modelling linked to environmental changesECDC
11/05/2013Green book: the complete current editionGOV.UK
11/05/2013£1.1 million grant awarded to ground-breaking PHE vaccine research for developing countriesGOV.UK
11/01/2013EUROPEAN ANTIBIOTIC AWARENESS DAY 2013 @ UCL - A Response to the DH Antibiotic Resistance StategyUniversity College London (UCL)
11/01/2013European Antibiotic Awareness Day on NRICUniversity College London (UCL)
10/21/2013Joint scientific opinion assesses the likelihood of swine-origin influenza A(H3N2) in the EU as lowECDC
10/21/2013Effectiveness of Laundering Processes Used in Domestic (home) Settings (2013) International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene(IFH)
10/19/2013Report of suspected polio cases in the Syrian Arab RepublicWHO
10/18/2013Reversing the tide of the UK tuberculosis epidemicGOV.UK
10/18/2013Wanted: independent scientific advisorsGOV.UK
10/17/2013Insight into the social interactions of babies helps reveal how infections spreadGOV.UK
10/17/2013Where there’s muck there’s bugs: e-Bug lesson plans help children to stay safe down on the farmGOV.UK
10/15/2013Global Handwashing Day - 15 October 2013The Global Public-Private Partnership for handwashing with soap
10/15/2013PHE issues a reminder of the importance of handwashing on Global Handwashing DayGOV.UK
10/14/2013Directors of public health: role in local authoritiesDepartment of Health (DH)
10/11/2013CMO and health leaders urge at risk groups to fight flu this seasonGOV.UK
10/11/2013WHO calls for the phase out of mercury fever thermometers and blood pressure measuring devices by 2020WHO
10/11/2013Celebrating International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), October 20-26, 2013 APIC
10/10/2013Epidemiological update: Cholera in MexicoECDC
10/07/2013Social inequalities have serious implications for the infectious disease burden in EuropeECDC
10/03/2013“Protecting hospital patients from healthcare-associated infections is a joint task”, says ECDC Director at the European Health Forum Gastein ECDC
10/03/2013Newly accessible Japanese encephalitis vaccine will make saving children easier in developing countriesWHO
09/26/2013Highest MMR vaccine coverage in 25 yearsGOV.UK
09/26/2013Polio re-emergence in the EU can be prevented, concludes ECDC assessmentECDC
09/26/2013Most C. diff infections are 'not hospital spread'BBC News
09/26/2013Antibiotics withdrawn from the market three times more often than other drugs, according to new studyMedical News Today
09/25/2013PHE welcomes new drive to tackle TB in vulnerable groupsGOV.UK
09/25/2013Vaccination of health and social care workers against flu, 2013/14GOV.UK
09/24/2013'Bugwatch' checks at three north Wales hospitals by NHS watchdogBBC News
09/23/2013'Dramatic' drop in global HIV infectionsBBC News
09/20/2013PHE to host Lyme disease conferenceGOV.UK
09/20/2013Polio vaccine reminder for travellers to Israel, the West Bank and GazaGOV.UK
09/18/2013Antimicrobial resistance: conserving life-saving medicines takes everyone’s helpWHO
09/13/2013Sepsis lives can be saved, says ombudsmanBBC News
09/13/2013Steroid users at risk of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis CGOV.UK
09/13/2013Outbreak of salmonella has links to the consumption of cooked meatsGOV.UK
09/13/2013Vaccine update - Shingles vaccine special edition GOV.UK
09/13/2013UN: Global child deaths down by almost half since 1990 WHO
09/12/2013E.coli O157 outbreak linked to watercress - product withdrawnGOV.UK
09/11/2013UK-wide hepatitis C look back exercise commencesGOV.UK
09/10/2013UK 5 Year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy 2013 to 2018Department of Health (DH)
09/04/2013Zoonoses report UK 2012GOV.UK
09/04/2013Chlamydia most prevalent sexually transmitted infection across Europe; rates of gonorrhoea and syphilis increasing ECDC
08/28/2013Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake annual survey 2012 to 2013GOV.UK
08/23/2013Revised guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UKGOV.UK
08/23/2013Shingles vaccination factsheet for healthcare professionalsGOV.UK
08/21/2013Seasonal flu vaccination: who should have it and why (2013)GOV.UK
08/21/2013Tuberculosis rates remain among highest in Western EuropeGOV.UK
08/21/2013Epidemiological update: Polio virus in sewage and human faecal samples in Israel, August 2013 ECDC
08/21/2013Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib): revised recommendations for the prevention of secondary casesGOV.UK
08/20/2013WHO prequalifies first medicine for treatment of a neglected tropical diseaseWHO
08/16/2013West Nile fever: 12 new cases in the EU and 44 in neighbouring countries reported in the past week ECDC
08/15/2013Modernisation of HIV rules to better protect publicDepartment of Health (DH)
08/15/2013Protecting your child against flu leafletGOV.UK
08/15/2013Five reasons to get your child vaccinated against flu posterGOV.UK
08/15/2013World health report 2013: Research for universal health coverage WHO
08/09/2013New guidance on reducing the risk of illness when open water swimmingGOV.UK
08/09/2013Treatment of MERS - CoV: Decision Support Tool (Update)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
08/08/2013PHE supports new tattooing and body piercing guidanceGOV.UK
08/06/2013Berwick review into patient safetyDepartment of Health (DH)
07/31/2013Systematic literature review to examine the evidence for the effectiveness of interventions that use theories and models of behaviour change: towards the prevention and control of communicable diseases ECDC
07/26/2013Children's flu immunisation programme 2013 to 2014Department of Health (DH)
07/26/2013JCVI summary on advice on the number of doses of flu vaccine for childrenDepartment of Health (DH)
07/26/2013Flu plan: Winter 2013 to 2014Department of Health (DH)
07/26/2013ECDC marks World Hepatitis Day 2013 with first EU-wide hepatitis B and C surveillance data ECDC
07/25/2013Hepatitis C diagnoses rise by a third in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
07/24/2013WHO urges governments to act on hepatitis threatWHO
07/22/2013Risk of further MERS-CoV cases in Europe remain: Rapid Risk Assessment on MERS-CoV updated ECDC
07/19/2013Renewing the fight against whooping coughDepartment of Health (DH)
07/19/2013CJD alert at Dublin hospital for up to 20 surgery patientsBBC News
07/15/2013Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae continue to spread in Europe ECDC
07/15/2013ECDC point prevalence survey: healthcare-associated infections still a major public health problem, one in 18 patients in European hospitals affected ECDC
07/12/2013Introduction of shingles vaccine for people aged 70 and 79 yearsDepartment of Health (DH)
07/12/2013Shingles (herpes zoster): the green book, chapter 28aDepartment of Health (DH)
07/11/2013Measles cases remain high as MMR campaign makes progressDepartment of Health (DH)
07/10/2013Managing norovirus in childcare settings: new report published ECDC
07/09/2013Emergency Committee meetings on MERS-CoV announced WHO
07/08/2013Rotavirus Q&As for healthcare practitionersDepartment of Health (DH)
07/08/2013Use of rapid molecular assays for diagnosing tuberculosis and detecting drug resistance ECDC
07/05/2013Coronavirus: New virus 'not yet global threat'BBC News
07/04/2013The complete routine immunisation schedule 2013/14 GOV.UK
07/03/2013New study to give insight into public health risks of ESBL E. coliGOV.UK
07/01/2013New vaccine offers babies protection against rotavirusDepartment of Health (DH)
07/01/2013Measles: the green book, chapter 21(update)GOV.UK
06/30/2013HIV/Aids drugs: WHO to recommend earlier treatmentBBC News
06/26/2013Five key perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis modalities for preventing surgical site infections: guidance for healthcare professionals ECDC
06/25/2013Swansea measles: Early MMR jab for young babies endsBBC News
06/25/2013IPS Human Factors Thought Paper Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
06/24/2013Illness linked to petting farms – PHE reminds everyone to practise good hand hygieneDepartment of Health (DH)
06/12/2013World Blood Donor Day: more voluntary blood donors needed (June 12 2013) WHO
06/11/2013Measles: Don't let your child catch it - posterGOV.UK
06/07/2013Over 200,000 extra MMR doses ordered by GP practices for national catch-up programmeGOV.UK
06/05/2013Nearly half a million new sexual infections in 2012GOV.UK
06/05/2013PHE coronavirus conference: 9 July 2013GOV.UK
06/01/2013Dental Audit Tool - V2 Released June 2013Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
05/30/2013Health Building Note 00-09: Infection control in the built environmentDepartment of Health (DH)
05/29/2013ECDC Director at European Tuberculosis Networks meeting: “We need to remain vigilant” ECDC
05/27/2013Strong leadership, late diagnoses: new ECDC reports show Europe’s response to HIV ECDC
05/27/2013WHO Director-General praises the World Health Assembly for its workWHO
05/24/2013Influenza season 2012-2013 is over in Europe ECDC
05/21/2013UK calls for international action on antimicrobial resistanceGOV.UK
05/13/2013Guidance on minimising transmission risk of CJD and vCJDGOV.UK
05/13/2013Novel coronavirus: update 13 May 2013GOV.UK
05/13/2013PHE publishes new tick leaflets to remind people to be 'tick aware'GOV.UK
05/13/2013WHO says new coronavirus may be passed person to personBBC News
05/07/2013PHE welcomes changes to the UK vaccination programmeGOV.UK
05/07/2013Changes to the Meningococcal C conjugate (MenC) vaccine schedule 2013 Q&As for healthcare practitioners Department of Health (DH)
05/07/2013Threat to measles elimination plansBBC News
05/06/2013ECDC supports WHO “SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands” campaign ECDC
05/03/2013WHO encourages patient participation for hand hygiene in health careWHO
05/01/2013Updated guidance on the management and treatment of Clostridium difficile infection Health Protection Agency (HPA)
04/30/2013Millions more protected against disease through improved vaccination programmeGOV.UK
04/30/2013National immunisation programme: planned changes for 2013 to 2014Department of Health (DH)
04/30/2013Impact of rotavirus vaccination ECDC
04/30/2013Shingles vaccine to be routine for people in their 70sBBC News
04/30/2013Swansea measles: Epidemic tops 1,000 casesBBC News
04/29/2013Measures currently in place in the UK to reduce the potential risk of vCJD transmission via bloodGOV.UK
04/27/2013HIV and hepatitis warning over illegal tattooistsBBC News
04/26/2013Priorities for 2013 and 2014 published by Public Health EnglandGOV.UK
04/25/2013National MMR vaccination catch-up programme announced in response to increase in measles casesGOV.UK
04/25/2013Supporting diagnostic preparedness for detection of avian influenza A(H7N9) viruses in Europe ECDC
04/24/2013Calculating MMR coverage: ready reckoner tool 2013GOV.UK
04/24/2013Health and Social Care Act: changes to legislation that affect local authoritiesGOV.UK
04/24/2013WHO launches emergency response to antimalarial drug resistanceWHO
04/23/2013New resources to support routine vaccination programmes ECDC
04/15/2013Epidemiological update of 15 April: avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in China ECDC
04/15/2013Malaria hotspots 'need new approach'BBC News
04/14/2013THE REVISION OF EUROPEAN LEGISLATION ON MEDICAL DEVICES The response to the public consultation April 2013MHRA
04/12/2013WHO/UNICEF: New plan to address pneumonia and diarrhoea could save 2 million children a yearWHO
04/09/2013Measles at highest level for 18 yearsDepartment of Health (DH)
04/09/2013More infections becoming resistant to antibioticsDepartment of Health (DH)
04/09/2013Rise in human infections from Campylobacter and E. coli, whilst Salmonella cases continue to fall: ECDC and EFSA 2011 zoonoses report ECDC
04/08/2013Behind the Essential Medicines List WHO
03/31/2013Decontamination Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices (2013)Department of Health (DH)
03/26/2013Government publishes initial response to the Mid Staffordshire NHS Public Inquiry Report Department of Health (DH)
03/26/2013Measles: 'Alarming rate' of south west Wales epidemicBBC News
03/25/2013The new home on the web for the Department of HealthDepartment of Health (DH)
03/25/2013Increasing research and innovation in health and social careDepartment of Health (DH)
03/23/2013'Visionary' leadership needed on TBBBC News
03/23/2013The NHS Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England. Department of Health (DH)
03/22/2013Influenza activity continues to decline in Europe: ECDC weekly monitoring ECDC
03/21/2013Wales hospital death rates: NHS 'fire alarm' warningBBC News
03/19/2013Investigation into an outbreak of Cryptosporidium infection in spring 2012Health Protection Agency (HPA)
03/19/2013New ECDC/WHO Euro report: One in five TB patients has extrapulmonary tuberculosis ECDC
03/19/2013World Health Organization and Global Fund cite tuberculosis threat WHO
03/19/2013Nurses celebrate national NHS flu awardsDepartment of Health (DH)
03/18/2013Drug-resistant pandemic swine flu 'community risk'BBC News
03/18/2013Dengue outbreak in Madeira, Portugal, October – November 2012 ECDC
03/15/2013Government sets out ambition on sexual healthDepartment of Health (DH)
03/15/2013Study recommends changes to pneumonia prevention strategiesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/15/2013Core competencies for infection control and hospital hygiene professionals in the European Union ECDC
03/11/2013Antimicrobial resistance poses ‘catastrophic threat’, says Chief Medical OfficerDepartment of Health (DH)
03/11/2013HPA welcomes move to put antibiotic resistance on the national risk register Health Protection Agency (HPA)
03/01/2013HPA issues guidance for pet rodent owners following recent cases of hantavirusHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/01/2013Millions have hearing loss that can be improved or prevented WHO
02/28/2013ECDC examines current evidence for the possible environmental origin of azole resistance in Aspergillus species ECDC
02/28/2013Measles: 189 cases in Swansea, Neath and Port TalbotBBC News
02/28/2013Innovative Smartphone App Tests Your Urine For Medical IssuesMedical News Today
02/27/2013New action plan launched to combat emerging threat of untreatable gonorrhoea in England and WalesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/27/2013Pandemic flu vaccination linked to narcolepsy in UK childrenHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/26/2013Over a million pregnant women infected with syphilis worldwideWHO
02/20/2013Patients to get better care from healthcare assistantsDepartment of Health (DH)
02/19/2013Infection prevention and control in care homes – information resource publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
02/19/2013Recent rise in measles cases – a reminder to encourage parents to get their babies vaccinatedDepartment of Health (DH)
02/11/2013Case of novel coronavirus identified in the UKHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/11/2013Epidemiological update: case of severe lower respiratory tract disease associated with a novel coronavirus ECDC
02/08/2013Measles at highest level for 18 yearsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/07/2013The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public InquiryCare Quality Commission
01/25/2013Swine flu infected 'fifth of people'BBC News
01/24/20132,147 children help the HPA to set a new Guinness World RecordHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/24/2013Antibiotic 'apocalypse' warningBBC News
01/22/2013Important information for users and suppliers of water treatment systems that use elemental copper for legionella controlDepartment of Health (DH)
01/22/2013Refresh of web resource for local public health systemDepartment of Health (DH)
01/22/2013Immunisation in 2013Department of Health (DH)
01/22/2013Meningitis B vaccine gets European licenceBBC News
01/21/2013BHIVA and EAGA position statement on the use of antiretroviral therapy to reduce HIV transmission: January 2013Department of Health (DH)
01/21/2013Publication of the UK Funders’ TSE Research Strategy Workshop 2011 reportDepartment of Health (DH)
01/16/2013WHO heralds “new phase” in the fight against neglected tropical diseasesWHO
01/16/2013Poultry industry 'must act' over food poisoning bugBBC News
01/16/2013Study questions generic HIV drug useBBC News
01/15/2013Drop in level of norovirus winter vomiting bug casesBBC News
01/14/2013HPA-led consortium successful in new €6m EU tender bid Health Protection Agency (HPA)
01/09/2013New strain of norovirusHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/08/2013HPA update on seasonal norovirus activity: 8 January 2013Health Protection Agency (HPA)
01/03/2013Food poisoning investigation in HaveringHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/28/2012Cases of the winter vomiting bug 'top a million'BBC News
12/27/2012Campaign warns people to ‘Catch it. Bin it. Kill it’ to stop the spread of fluDepartment of Health (DH)
12/21/2012Whooping cough cases remain highHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/21/2012WHO 2012 in review: key health issuesWHO
12/20/2012Update on use of antivirals for flu prevention and treatment publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
12/20/2012Antiviral drugs for seasonal flu approved as HPA urges at-risk groups to get vaccinatedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/17/2012New report signals slowdown in the fight against malariaWHO
12/17/2012Public consultation on the revision of European legislation on medical devicesMHRA
12/15/2012Winter vomiting bug: Hospitals ban visitorsBBC News
12/14/2012Follow ten top tips for a safe winter holidayHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/14/2012Global Health Observatory – the one-stop shop for health dataWHO
12/13/2012Review of NHS critical infrastructure risk initiatedDepartment of Health (DH)
12/13/2012Epidemiological update: Outbreak of dengue in Madeira, Portugal ECDC
12/12/2012HPA update on seasonal norovirus activityHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/12/2012Greater awareness of hepatitis B and C neededNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
12/11/2012It’s time to protect yourself and those around you against influenza ECDC
12/07/2012Challenges still to be met in reducing occupational exposures to bloodborne virusesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/06/2012Ask the expert in live chat: Can science conquer the flu? ECDC
12/06/2012Feverish illness in children (update): guideline consultationNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
12/06/2012New Study Shows How Copper Restricts The Spread Of Global Antibiotic-Resistant InfectionsMedical News Today
12/04/2012NHS will have to admit to patient safety failuresBBC News
12/04/2012HPA update on seasonal norovirus activityHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/30/2012Whooping cough: Three more babies die in outbreakBBC News
11/29/2012HPA welcomes national HIV testing week as new data show quarter of people living with HIV remain undiagnosed in UKHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/29/2012Preventation Of Infectious Diseases Via Social MediaMedical News Today
11/29/2012Important information for users of silver/copper ionisation water treatment systems used for legionella controlDepartment of Health (DH)
11/29/2012World AIDS Day 2012: Closing in on global HIV targetsWHO
11/29/2012CQC – the next phase – Our consultation on our strategy for 2013 to 2016 Care Quality Commission
11/28/201228 November 2012, Jeremy Hunt, Kings Fund – Quality of CareDepartment of Health (DH)
11/28/2012Russia reports 12% rise in HIV - 200 new cases a dayBBC News
11/27/2012MMR vaccine uptake reaches 14-year highBBC News
11/27/2012Details of UK OPAT Initiative Workshop Series 2012British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
11/27/2012New Flu Forecasting Model Uses Google Search DataMedical News Today
11/27/2012Researchers Appeal For People To Sign Up To Online Flu ProjectMedical News Today
11/27/2012Guidance from the ACDP TSE Risk Management Subgroup (formerly TSE Working Group)Department of Health (DH)
11/26/2012Update on dengue fever cases in Madeira, PortugalHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/26/2012Rapid risk assessment, update: Severe respiratory disease associated with a novel coronavirus ECDC
11/20/2012Further big drop in new HIV infections among childrenBBC News
11/19/2012Increased Cryptosporidium infections in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany: ECDC issues risk assessment ECDC
11/17/2012Antibiotic resistance poses alarming threatDepartment of Health (DH)
11/15/2012Survey shows use of antimicrobial stewardship toolkit leads to reduction in inappropriate prescribing in hospitalsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/14/2012Top ten facts about antibiotics and antibiotic resistanceHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/13/2012Antibiotic Action joins coalition in writing to Financial Times on threat posed by lack of action on antibioticsBritish Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
11/10/2012Babies to be protected against common diarrhoea bugDepartment of Health (DH)
10/25/2012Medical Device Alert: All medical devices and medicinal products containing chlorhexidine (MDA/2012/075)MHRA
10/14/2012Global Handwash Day 2012London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
10/08/2012Typhoid vaccine failure warningBBC News
10/05/2012Confirmed case of Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever in the UKHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/05/2012New immunization approach in Ethiopia reaches more childrenWHO
10/04/2012Seasonal influenza vaccination for children and pregnant women: pros and cons for an informed decision ECDC
10/03/2012Resources to support the 2012 European Antibiotic Awareness day in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
10/03/2012Travel advice for Hajj pilgrimsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/01/2012Infection prevention and control commissioning toolkit published (IPS/RCN)Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
09/28/2012Newborns to be protected against whooping coughDepartment of Health (DH)
09/28/2012Vaccinate dogs to save human lives – World Rabies Day 2012WHO
09/24/2012Update to Green Book Chapter 8 and Chapter 34 (Vaccine safety and the management of adverse events following immunisation and Varicella)Department of Health (DH)
09/24/2012Epidemiological update: two cases of a novel coronavirus laboratory confirmed ECDC
09/23/2012Acute respiratory illness associated with a new virus identified in the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA)
09/20/2012Health staff urged to get flu jabDepartment of Health (DH)
09/20/2012Trusts and PCTs alerted to European Antibiotic Awareness Day materialsDepartment of Health (DH)
09/20/2012New ECDC technical report on “Narcolepsy in association with pandemic influenza vaccination – a multi-country European epidemiological investigation” ECDC
09/20/2012Basildon Hospital at centre of medical waste probeBBC News
09/12/2012Gonorrhoea treatment resistance risk falls but new diagnoses riseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/12/2012Leprosy on the decline WHO
09/11/2012The future of specialised services outlined in reportDepartment of Health (DH)
09/11/2012HPA survey reveals attitudes affecting flu vaccine uptake amongst London midwivesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/10/2012Second case of anthrax confirmed in EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/10/2012Safer Surgery Week 2012 (24-30 September)National Patient Safety Agency
09/10/2012National Occupational Standards for Inspectors of Health, Social Care and Children's ServicesSkills for Health
09/06/2012Care Quality Commission (CQC) - Send us your views on our proposals for our new strategyCare Quality Commission
09/05/2012ECDC guidance on HPV vaccination: Focus on reaching all girls ECDC
09/04/2012Infection risk posed by cats revealedBBC News
09/03/2012HPA statement on outbreak of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome in the USHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/31/2012Update to Green Book Chapter 25 PneumococcalDepartment of Health (DH)
08/31/2012Health Protection in Local GovernmentDepartment of Health (DH)
08/30/2012Students starting secondary school urged to get to know their school nurseDepartment of Health (DH)
08/30/2012PLACE to replace PEAT - An UpdateAssociation of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals
08/30/20121,590 West Nile Virus Infections And 66 Deaths, Says CDCMedical News Today
08/30/2012Bacterial cause found for skin condition rosaceaSociety for General Microbiology
08/29/2012Combating HIV through integrated care for drug users in Ukraine WHO
08/28/2012ECDC launches guidelines for invasive mosquitoes’ surveillance ECDC
08/28/2012Vitamin B3 'helps kill superbugs'BBC News
08/24/2012Update to Green Book Chapter 19 Influenza publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
08/24/2012HPA urges back to school vaccination as measles cases continue to increaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/23/2012Future operations for screening and immunisation services publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
08/22/2012MRSA and C. diff deaths falling BBC News
08/22/2012DR Congo ebola outbreak kills 10, says medical charityBBC News
08/21/2012Update on new swine flu in the USHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/17/2012Confirmed case of Anthrax in injecting drug user in EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/17/2012Films - behind the scenes in an HPA laboratoryHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/16/2012The National Quality Board (NQB) sets out how quality will be maintained and improved in new health systemDepartment of Health (DH)
08/14/2012Preventing foodborne trematode infections WHO
08/14/2012Consultation opens on Code of Conduct and Minimum Training Standards Skills for Health
08/13/2012UK Standards for Microbiological Investigations (SMIs)Hospital Infection Society
08/09/2012HIV outpatient pathway factsheets availableDepartment of Health (DH)
08/09/2012Epi update: Increase in number of human cases of variant influenza A(H3N2)v virus infection in the United States ECDC
08/09/2012Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Swaziland WHO
08/08/2012EAGA annual report 2011Department of Health (DH)
08/07/2012Containing the spread of Ebola in Uganda WHO
08/03/2012Smartphone application for antibiotic prescribingDepartment of Health (DH)
08/03/20123M™ Tegaderm™ CHG Chlorhexidine Gluconate IV securement dressing reviewDepartment of Health (DH)
08/03/2012Changes to the way the Green Book is publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
08/01/2012Risk of infection from caesareans at nearly 10 per centHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/31/2012New flu virus found in seals concerns scientists BBC News
07/30/2012National Patient Safety Agency annual report and accounts for 2011/12 publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
07/30/2012Stoke-on-Trent Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak – probable source identifiedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/29/2012Ebola in Uganda WHO
07/28/2012ECDC marks World Hepatitis Day on 28 July ECDC
07/28/2012Hepatitis: “It’s closer than you think” WHO
07/27/2012Quality criteria for an effective immunisation programmeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/27/2012Whooping cough outbreak continues with 675 new cases reported in JuneHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/26/2012David Heymann appointed as Acting Chair of Public Health EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
07/25/2012Flu vaccination programme extended to all childrenDepartment of Health (DH)
07/24/2012Legionnaires’ disease in Stoke-on-TrentHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/23/2012£8 million invested to tackle HIV and improve sexual healthDepartment of Health (DH)
07/23/2012National survey of hepatitis C services in prisons in England publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
07/22/2012XIX International AIDS Conference 2012 opens: from treatment to ending transmission of HIV WHO
07/20/2012West Nile fever: further human cases in the EU and its neighbourhood ECDC
07/20/2012Communicable disease threats report, 15-21 July, week 29 ECDC
07/20/2012WHO: Four ways to reduce hepatitis infections in people who inject drugsWHO
07/19/2012Updated guidance on viral haemorrhagic feversDepartment of Health (DH)
07/19/2012Strategic use of HIV medicines could help end transmission of virus WHO
07/19/2012Influenza virus characterisation: Summary Europe, June 2012 ECDC
07/18/2012Updates to Green Book: chapters 4 & 35 (Yellow fever and Immunisation procedures )Department of Health (DH)
07/18/2012Update on Legionnaires’ disease clusters associated with a hotel in SpainHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/16/2012ECDC publishes survey of National Reference Laboratories capacity for six food- and waterborne agents ECDC
07/16/2012HIV-prevention drug Truvada approved by USBBC News
07/13/2012Update to Green Book: chapter 18a Human papillomavirusDepartment of Health (DH)
07/13/2012Vaccine success story: congenital rubella syndrome WHO
07/12/2012Prevention of norovirus infection in schools and childcare facilities - Public Consultation ECDC
07/06/2012Increase in whooping cough cases continuesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/05/2012Drug resistant TB on the increaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/04/2012UN strengthens regulations on melamine, seafood, melons, dried figs and labellingWHO
07/03/2012Health Protection Agency fit for Olympics challenge Health Protection Agency (HPA)
07/03/2012IFIC eNews July 2012International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)
06/29/2012Evaluation report on the Sage two per cent chlorhexidine gluconate cloth publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
06/29/2012Parasitic worms in contaminated soil affect the world’s poorest communities WHO
06/29/2012HIV quad pill 'may improve care'BBC News
06/29/2012Report on hospital water supplies contaminated with PseudomonadsDepartment of Health (DH)
06/25/2012Updated guidance for the management of deaths resulting from a flu pandemicDepartment of Health (DH)
06/25/2012ECDC launches 2012 West Nile fever maps ECDC
06/22/2012HPA Launches Rabies E Learning Module for Health Care WorkersHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/22/2012Joint rapid risk assessment: Anthrax cases among injecting drug users, Germany ECDC
06/21/2012Winter flu season at all time lowHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/21/2012SaBTO Annual report 2011/12Department of Health (DH)
06/21/2012European Region marks tenth anniversary of polio-free certification WHO
06/18/2012Organ donation: Opt-out bill to be published in WalesBBC News
06/18/2012Building a Future for Women and Children - Countdown to 2015 launches the 2012 ReportWHO
06/17/2012Food Safety Week 2012: Food safety on a budgetFood Standards Agency (FSA)
06/16/2012Health and Social Care Act explainedDepartment of Health (DH)
06/15/2012Regulations on the quality and safety of organs intended for transplantationDepartment of Health (DH)
06/15/2012Cases of Cryptosporidiosis now within expected seasonal normsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/14/2012Mandatory Health Care Associated Infection Surveillance: redevelopment of the HCAI data capture system (MESS)Department of Health (DH)
06/14/2012Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Edinburgh, Scotland: ECDC assesses risk ECDC
06/14/2012World Blood Donor Day 2012 - Every blood donor is a hero WHO
06/13/2012The functions of Clinical Commissioning Groups: Updated to reflect the final Health and Social Care Act 2012Department of Health (DH)
06/13/2012Vaccine uptake at all time high on MerseysideHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/13/2012ECDC publishes Directors annual report 2011 ECDC
06/13/2012Human Microbiome Project reveals largest microbial map BBC News
06/13/2012HPA issues food safety reminderHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/12/2012Antiretroviral treatment as prevention (TASP) of HIV and TB - Programmatic updateWHO
06/11/2012Directions on the transfer of patient safety function to the NHS Commissioning Board Special Health AuthorityDepartment of Health (DH)
06/08/2012Update 8 June: Increase in cases of cryptosporidiosisHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/08/2012Watching the summer games ECDC
06/08/2012Joint ECDC and WHO/Europe annual influenza meeting reflects on work in progress ECDC
06/08/2012Unicef: Tackling diarrhoea and pneumonia saves 2m livesBBC News
06/07/2012Nobel winning Barre-Sinoussi optimistic about HIV cureBBC News
06/07/2012Edinburgh Legionnaires' outbreak: Cases increase to 51BBC News
06/07/2012Malaria Control And Vaccine Development Aided By New TechnologyMedical News Today
06/06/2012Legionnaires' disease man dies in Edinburgh outbreakBBC News
06/06/2012WHO: Urgent action needed to prevent the spread of untreatable gonorrhoeaWHO
06/05/2012New report: evaluating HIV treatment as prevention in the European context ECDC
06/05/2012Avian influenza - situation in China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong, SAR) - update WHO
06/01/2012Increase in cases of cryptosporidiosisHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/31/2012New data show sexually transmitted infection diagnoses on the rise in EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/31/2012Interventions for improving health literacy: rapid evidence review available online ECDC
05/31/2012Gonorrhoea becoming untreatable, health experts warnBBC News
05/28/2012ECDC leads visit to assess the HIV situation in Greece ECDC
05/28/2012World Health Assembly endorsed the Global Vaccine Action Plan and World Immunization Week ECDC
05/24/2012'Emergency plan' to eradicate polio launchedBBC News
05/23/2012Snapshot survey of healthcare associated infections (HCAI) reveals overall drop in infections down to 6.4 per centHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/23/2012Confirmed case of rabies in London Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/23/2012Dr Margaret Chan reappointed as Director-General WHO
05/23/2012English National Point Prevalence Survey on Healthcare-associated Infections and Antimicrobial Use, 2011: preliminary dataHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/22/2012HPA welcomes pre-entry TB screening programmeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/17/2012ECDC launches maps on the distribution of tick species in Europe ECDC
05/11/2012Weekly influenza surveillance overview week 18: influenza season coming to its end in Europe ECDC
05/09/2012International travel and health - new edition 2012WHO
05/09/2012'One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection'BBC News
05/02/2012Safe management of healthcare wasteDepartment of Health (DH)
05/01/2012UK OPAT Initiative Workshop Series 2012British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
04/30/2012SaBTO publications in 2011Department of Health (DH)
04/30/2012Review of status and public health importance of invasive mosquitoes in Europe ECDC
04/27/2012Report on MRSA and veterinary practice publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
04/27/2012Adjusting surveillance of emerging infectious disease threat due to climate change in the EU ECDC
04/25/2012HPA reports 22 per cent increase in malaria cases returning from the Indian sub-continentHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/23/2012World Immunization Week – Protect your world: get vaccinated WHO
04/22/2012European Immunization Week (EIW) 21 - 27 AprilECDC
04/21/2012Vaccine Update 188 April 2012Department of Health (DH)
04/20/2012Evidence and resources to commission expanded HIV testing in priority medical services in high prevalence areas, April 2012Health Protection Agency (HPA)
04/20/2012ECDC seeks new ways to tackle measles problem in Europe ECDC
04/18/2012School for Public Health Research launchedDepartment of Health (DH)
04/18/2012Better methods and estimates of infectious disease burden ECDC
04/17/2012Guidance on couples HIV testing and counselling, including antiretroviral therapy for treatment and prevention in serodiscordant couplesWHO
04/13/2012HPA reports continued increase in whooping cough casesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/13/2012Study shows decreased vaccine effectiveness of the seasonal influenza vaccine; ECDC Director urges to develop more effective vaccines ECDC
04/12/2012UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS) - 2012 Report WHO
04/10/2012Trust pushes for open access to researchBBC News
04/05/2012Poots meets Belfast Trust heads over pseudomonas reviewBBC News
04/04/2012HPA issues hand washing reminder ahead of petting farm seasonHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/04/2012Joint WHO-ECDC report on changes in pandemic preparedness plans: using lessons learnt to enhance preparedness ECDC
04/02/2012Towards TB elimination: ECDC and ERS introduce new guidelines on tuberculosis care in Europe ECDC
03/30/2012Risk in UK Shigella Infections Prompts advice for men who have sex with menHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/28/2012Climate change: potential impacts on food- and waterborne diseases in the EU ECDC
03/27/2012Health and Social Care Bill gains royal assentDepartment of Health (DH)
03/27/2012HPA advises public to be 'tick aware' to reduce the risk of Lyme diseaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/23/2012More than 9,000 TB cases reported in 2011Health Protection Agency (HPA)
03/23/2012Weekly influenza surveillance overview Week 11: most European countries are past the peak of influenza epidemics ECDC
03/23/2012Urban TB Control ECDC
03/23/2012More evidence and better diagnostics needed before redefining severe forms of drug-resistant TB says WHOWHO
03/19/2012New ECDC-WHO report: tuberculosis on the retreat in Europe but concerns about drug-resistant TB and treatment failure remain ECDC
03/19/2012Bronmeirion Surgery worker had measles on duty as Porthmadog cases reach 42BBC News
03/15/2012ECDC Director stresses 'one health' approach to tackle antimicrobial resistance problems in humans and animals ECDC
03/13/2012HPA investigating problem with commercial syphilis test kitHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/12/2012ECDC publishes its annual risk assessment on seasonal influenza 2011/2012 in Europe ECDC
03/08/2012The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance - Options for actionWHO
03/08/2012ECDC and EFSA publish their annual joint report on zoonoses and food-borne outbreaks in EU ECDC
03/08/2012Guidelines for the management of norovirus outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settings (Updated)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
03/06/2012Revised guidance on Clostridium difficile issuedDepartment of Health (DH)
03/06/2012Millennium Development Goal drinking water target metWHO
03/05/2012Sun-dried tomatoes linked to hepatitis A outbreakBBC News
03/05/2012NHS bill risks: Tribunal hears Freedom of Information battleBBC News
03/02/2012More than 900 000 lives saved by protecting people living with HIV from TBWHO
03/01/2012The flu season isn’t over yetDepartment of Health (DH)
03/01/2012Reporting pathology test results - Peer review (Microbiology and Virology to follow later)Department of Health (DH)
03/01/2012Tools for Implementing Tuberculosis Infection-Control Activities in HIV Clinics and Outpatient SettingsCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
02/28/2012Free HIV treatment on NHS for foreign nationalsBBC News
02/27/2012Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report: influenza season epidemics may be approaching their peak in first affected countries ECDC
02/27/2012NHS bill: Lib Dem peers urge rewrite ahead of Lords debateBBC News
02/27/2012Schmallenberg virus (SBV) identified in UK livestockHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/27/2012New guidelines on chikungunya virus WHO
02/24/2012Transplantation of organs from donors with primary brain tumoursDepartment of Health (DH)
02/24/2012ECDC publishes Legionnaires’ disease operating procedures ECDC
02/23/2012NICE "key" to delivering public health servicesNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
02/22/2012Update on measles outbreak declared on Merseyside Health Protection Agency (HPA)
02/21/2012Toolkit for investigating food- and waterborne disease outbreaks ECDC
02/21/2012ECDC assesses risk for transmission of Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) to persons visiting affected areas and precautionary measures upon return/migration ECDC
02/20/2012HIV outpatient pathway updated guidance availableDepartment of Health (DH)
02/17/2012Key facts about reducing healthcare associated infectionDepartment of Health (DH)
02/17/2012Weekly surveillance overview report: increasing trends and A(H3) dominating ECDC
02/17/2012WHO delays call on publishing controversial H5N1 workBBC News
02/16/2012Measles outbreak declared on Merseyside Health Protection Agency (HPA)
02/16/2012WHO upholds guidance on hormonal contraceptive use and HIV WHO
02/13/2012ECDC starts publishing its weekly communicable disease threat report (CDTR) ECDC
02/13/2012Final push needed to end leprosy in the Western Pacific WHO
02/10/2012Update on Legionnaires’ Cluster Associated with a Hotel in SpainHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/10/2012Infection Prevention e-learning courses updatedSkills for Health
02/07/2012Government makes £500,000 available for new research into antibiotic-resistance bacteriaDepartment of Health (DH)
02/07/2012Development made in breakdown of a Meningitis B vaccine componentHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/06/2012Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Calpe, Spain: ECDC assesses risk ECDC
02/06/2012Why are malaria mortality rates different in recent studies?WHO
02/06/2012Water Sources and Potential for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection from Taps and water systems – Updated Advice for augmented care units Department of Health (DH)
02/03/2012Update on Legionnaires’ Cluster Associated with a Hotel in SpainHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/03/2012Malaria deaths hugely underestimated - Lancet studyBBC News
02/03/2012Public Health Operational Guidelines for Typhoid and Paratyphoid (Enteric Fever)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
02/03/2012Weekly surveillance overview report: increasing geographic spread of influenza in Europe ECDC
02/03/2012Epidemiological update: Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections - recent increases reported in EU countries ECDC
02/03/2012Closure of the Instrument Store at HPA Porton DownHospital Infection Society
02/02/2012Outbreak of Salmonella NewportHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/01/2012Government brings forward amendments to the Health and Social Care BillDepartment of Health (DH)
02/01/2012ImmForm Helpsheet 18 - Fridge failures and stock incidents (Update)Department of Health (DH)
01/30/2012WHO lays out vision to end misery of neglected tropical diseases by 2020 WHO
01/25/2012Lyme disease risk from dogs 'higher than thought'BBC News
01/24/2012Rising incidence of dengue WHO
01/23/2012Flu vaccinations increase among frontline healthcare workers  NHS Employers
01/22/2012Pseudomonas infection - 'no new cases'BBC News
01/22/2012UK boosts tropical disease fightBBC News
01/16/2012London 2012: Mass gathering risks disease spreadingBBC News
01/16/2012Charities criticise London 'failing' HIV prevention programmeBBC News
01/13/2012New Year ambitions to reduce healthcare associated infectionsDepartment of Health (DH)
01/13/2012India records one year without polio WHO
01/13/2012Weekly influenza surveillance report: influenza is slowly progressing in Europe ECDC
01/13/2012Publication of National Infection Prevention and Control Manual for NHSScotland Health Protection Scotland
01/13/2012Sign up for NHS Employers free flu campaign review workshops  NHS Employers
01/12/2012New drug resistant form of tuberculosis reported in India ECDC
01/12/2012Risk assessment: HIV in injecting drug users in the EU/EEA, following a reported increase of cases in Greece and Romania ECDC
01/10/2012New Guidelines to Control Group A Streptococcal (GAS) Infections in UK Hospitals LaunchedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/06/2012Weekly influenza surveillance report: the start of the seasonECDC
01/05/2012Whooping cough cases increaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/03/20121st Director of Nursing for public health announcedDepartment of Health (DH)
01/03/2012Flu activity update: 3 January 2013Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/31/2011Winter surge in patients going online for trusted health informationDepartment of Health (DH)
12/27/20112011 in review: key health issuesWHO
12/23/2011New Orthobunyavirus isolated from infected cattle and small livestock, Potential implications for human healthECDC
12/21/2011Hong Kong orders chicken cull as bird flu alert raisedBBC News
12/20/2011HPA publishes second migrant health reportHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/20/2011Public health reform updates publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
12/19/2011Levels of norovirus within seasonal normsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/19/2011Tuberculosis in the Kingdom in the SkyWHO
12/16/2011HPA warns winter sun seekers to seek protection from malariaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/16/2011While epidemics have not yet started across Europe there is still time to protect yourself against influenza ECDC
12/16/2011Child penicillin doses should be reviewed, say expertsBBC News
12/15/2011Three-year study identifies key interventions to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths WHO
12/13/2011Malaria deaths are down but progress remains fragileWHO
12/12/2011Meningitis vaccination campaign to reach 300 million by 2016 WHO
12/06/2011One in 20 TB patients do not complete treatmentHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/06/2011Tuberculosis in the UK: 2011 report Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/05/2011Eurovaccine 2011: ECDC organises third annual conference on vaccination and immunisation ECDC
12/02/2011Over 90 per cent of campylobacter outbreaks at catering venues in 2011 linked to undercooked chicken liver pateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/02/2011WHO issues Europe measles warningBBC News
12/01/2011Management of HIV-infected healthcare workers - a paper for consultationDepartment of Health (DH)
12/01/2011World AIDS Day: HIV transmission shows no sign of declining in Europe ECDC
11/30/2011Unparalleled global progress in HIV response but sustained investment vital WHO
11/29/2011HPA urges 'universal testing' for HIV as it is revealed more than 21,00 people are unaware they have the infectionHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/29/2011Fifth of patients 'shun HIV test'BBC News
11/24/2011Guidelines for the management of norovirus outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settingsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/24/2011Genital warts vaccination to be offered to schoolgirlsThe Guardian
11/21/2011Aids-related deaths 'down 21% from peak', says UNAidsBBC News
11/18/2011Design Bugs Out: product evaluation reportDepartment of Health (DH)
11/18/2011Over half of all people who visit their doctor with coughs and colds still expect antibioticsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/17/2011Antimicrobial stewardship: Start smart - then focusDepartment of Health (DH)
11/17/2011European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2011: ECDC releases new surveillance data and real life stories of patients with resistant bacteria ECDC
11/16/2011Management of blood-exposure in personnel of public and voluntary servicesDepartment of Health (DH)
11/13/2011Recall of Loyd Grossman Korma sauces following botulism linkHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/11/2011‘At risk’ groups urged to get vaccinated before flu starts circulating widelyHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/10/2011The UK Influenza Preparedness Strategy 2011Department of Health (DH)
11/10/2011Health Protection Agency (HPA) reveals that drugs users face an increased risk from wound botulism and tetanusHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/10/2011Surveillance and immunisation are keys to protect Europe against seasonal influenza ECDC
11/10/2011Pandemic contingency plan advises business as usual strategy for UKThe Guardian
11/09/2011Prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections quality improvement guideNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
11/08/2011Medical waste poses an important threat to health WHO
11/07/2011Countdown to WORLD PNEUMONIA DAY November 12thWHO
11/01/2011Over two-thirds of early child deaths could be prevented WHO
11/01/2011A new edition of IFIC Basic Concepts of Infection Control is now available International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)
10/27/2011Government Response to the House of Lords Report of Session 2010-12: No vaccine, no cure: HIV and AIDS in the United KingdomDepartment of Health (DH)
10/26/2011Warning over HIV home test kitsBBC News
10/25/2011ECDC Director speaks on reinforcing trust, key role of doctors, healthcare workers to reach EU vaccination goals ECDC
10/24/2011Polio cases have decreased by over 99% WHO
10/19/2011Fish pedicures unlikely to cause infectionHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/19/2011ECDC refreshes its homepage ECDC
10/18/2011ECDC publishes monthly measles monitoring update ECDC
10/18/2011Progress in confronting malaria WHO
10/12/2011Joint Guidance - Prevention and control of infectious diseases among people who inject drugs ECDC
10/12/2011Underfunding tuberculosis risks slowing progress - sixteenth global report on tuberculosis (TB) WHO
10/10/2011Greece health warning after cutsBBC News
10/10/2011First line treatment for gonorrhoea forced to change as failure of drugs loomsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/07/2011HPA Study Confirms Cost-Effectiveness of Screening All Intensive Care Patients For MRSAHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/07/2011HPA Issues Warning About An Outbreak Of Shigella Flexneri Dysentery In Men Who Have Sex With MenHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/07/2011Legionnaires’ cluster in UK travellers returning from CorfuHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/07/2011Measles outbreaks in the Americas, Europe and Africa WHO
10/04/2011ECDC Director highlights measles threat to EU Parliament health committee ECDC
10/04/2011Literature review on health information-seeking behaviour on the web: a health consumer and health professional perspective ECDC
10/03/2011Safe supplies: focus on epidemiologyHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/30/2011Materials to support European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 18 November 2011 in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
09/30/2011The mandatory collection of data on the vaccination of frontline healthcare workers against seasonal influenza during the 2011/12 influenza season (ROCR/OR/0270/000MAND)Department of Health (DH)
09/30/2011UK E. coli O157 outbreak associated with soil on vegetablesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/30/2011ECDC editorial emphasise doctors’ decisive role in helping eliminate measles, rubella in EU ECDC
09/30/2011IPS has launched its new and exciting 5 year strategy Infection Control Nurses Association
09/28/2011ECDC’s Director sets out vision for strengthening public health microbiology ECDC
09/26/2011ECDC and ERS introduce EU standards for tuberculosis care ECDC
09/26/2011Evidence of unsafe care - Highlights of the Latin American Study of Adverse Events (IBEAS)WHO
09/22/2011Seasonal Flu Immunistion Programme 2011/12Department of Health (DH)
09/22/2011The Transatlantic Taskforce on Antimicrobial Resistance publishes its recommendations for collaboration in the global fight against antimicrobial resistance ECDC
09/20/2011ECDC risk assessment on West Nile virus infection in the European Union ECDC
09/19/2011As students return to university HPA reminds of meningitis and measles riskHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/19/2011Infection Prevention and Control National Occupational Standards Review ProjectSkills for Health
09/16/2011Immunisation against infectious disease - 'The Green Book' - 2006 updated editionDepartment of Health (DH)
09/15/2011ECDC assessment on A(H5N1) Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Egypt and possible implications for human health in Europe ECDC
09/14/2011Care Quality Commission: MPs criticise health regulatorBBC News
09/14/2011TB: Plan to tackle rise in drug-resistant casesBBC News
09/13/2011ECDC Risk assessment on the spread of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) through patient transfer between healthcare facilities, with special emphasis on cross-border transfer ECDC
09/13/2011Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme 2011/12BBC News
09/09/2011Blood-borne transmission of vCJD re-examination of scenariosDepartment of Health (DH)
09/09/2011Warning over 'untrustworthy' sex health websitesBBC News
09/08/2011Ban on gay blood donations liftedBBC News
09/08/2011New ECDC report explores how methods of evidence-based medicine can be applied in the field of infectious diseases ECDC
09/07/2011Outbreak of botulism in France ECDC
09/06/2011Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake amongst frontline healthcare workers in England 2010/11Department of Health (DH)
09/06/2011ECDC assessment on Oseltamivir-resistant influenza A(H1N1)2009 cluster reported in Australia ECDC
09/06/2011Increase in reports of vaccine-associated mumps, Croatia, 2010 ECDC
09/06/2011Nurses and midwives urged to get flu jabBBC News
09/06/2011NDM-1 superbug enzyme's 'photofit' takenBBC News
09/05/2011Seasonal flu vaccination: who should have it and whyDepartment of Health (DH)
09/05/2011Salmonella Enteritidis PT 14b outbreak is overHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/01/2011Updated HIV figures published todayHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/01/2011ECDC assessment on Avian flu outbreak in Southeast Asia indicates no change in risk to human health ECDC
09/01/2011Leading Lib Dem urges rebels to back the Health BillBBC News
08/31/2011Understanding the behavioural aspects and the role of health communication in mitigating the impact of seasonal influenza ECDC
08/30/2011Fewer newborns are dying worldwide WHO
08/30/2011Evolution of H5N1 avian influenza virus does not increase risk to public healthWHO
08/29/2011Bird flu fear as mutant strain hits China and VietnamBBC News
08/26/2011Mosquitoes 'disappearing' in some parts of AfricaBBC News
08/25/2011Polio kicked out of Europe ECDC
08/23/2011Malaria cases in GreeceHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/21/2011Gut's hospital bug defence foundBBC News
08/19/2011Dengue in Bahamas and Maldives ECDC
08/19/2011Foodborne outbreaks: managing the risks WHO
08/18/2011Salmonella Enteritidis PT 14b investigation continues - LatestHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/17/2011Health Protection Agency/NHS Direct Syndromic Surveillance BulletinHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/15/2011Patient Safety Week 2011 - Communication resources now available. National Patient Safety Agency
08/15/2011ECDC releases two new reports on HIV and migrant health ECDC
08/12/2011Salmonella Enteritidis PT 14b investigation - LatestHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/12/2011First annual meeting of the European Diphtheria Surveillance Network ECDC
08/12/2011Celebrating International Youth Day WHO
08/10/2011Online survey aims to improve NICE guidance for patients and the publicNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
08/08/2011Prevention of infection and communicable disease control in prisons and places of detentionHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/08/2011The future direction of the national chlamydia screening programmeDepartment of Health (DH)
08/05/2011Vaccination campaign saving children in the Horn of Africa WHO
08/03/2011The Department of Health (England) website changesDepartment of Health (DH)
08/01/2011Review of sexual health services in NHS ScotlandHealthcare Improvement Scotland
07/29/2011Pandemic Influenza and the Mental Health Act 1983Department of Health (DH)
07/29/2011Progress in Salmonella Enteritidis PT 14b investigation Health Protection Agency (HPA)
07/29/2011Start of West Nile virus transmission season in Europe ECDC
07/28/2011Four thousand people in England may need liver transplants by 2020 due to hepatitis C, HPA warnsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/28/2011Marking the first World Hepatitis Day WHO
07/27/2011Multidrug resistant, extensively drug-resistant and pandrug-resistant bacteria: an international expert proposal for interim standard definitions for acquired resistance ECDC
07/26/2011Surgery as a public health intervention: common misconceptions versus the truthWHO
07/25/2011Post-Legislative Assessment of the Health Act 2006Department of Health (DH)
07/21/2011Goal to rid world of polio by end of 2012 'off track'BBC News
07/21/2011New Trends In HIV Cure ResearchMedical News Today
07/21/2011Infection Prevention Guide Released By CDCMedical News Today
07/21/2011WHO Director-General names Sir Liam Donaldson envoy for patient safetyWHO
07/21/2011Management of blood-exposure in police officersDepartment of Health (DH)
07/21/2011Swine flu jab 'narcolepsy risk'BBC News
07/21/2011EMA's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) issues opinion on narcolepsy and vaccination with Pandemrix® ECDC
07/21/2011Rapid risk assessment: Risk of travel-associated cholera from the Dominican Republic ECDC
07/20/2011JCVI advice on the pneumococcal vaccination programme for people aged 65 years and olderDepartment of Health (DH)
07/20/2011WHO warns against the use of inaccurate blood tests for active tuberculosisWHO
07/18/2011Surveillance of invasive bacterial diseases in Europe 2008/2009 ECDC
07/18/2011Consultation on proposed changes to regulations for Care Quality Commission registrationDepartment of Health (DH)
07/17/2011Introduction of life-saving rotavirus vaccine in Sudan WHO
07/16/2011Measles outbreaks continue: be vaccinated before travelling and attending large public eventsWHO
07/15/2011Impact on the health of communities in the Horn of AfricaWHO
07/11/2011Prophylaxis against infective endocarditis: review proposal consultation National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
07/11/2011Gonorrhoea strain found to be 'resistant to antibiotics'BBC News
07/08/2011Update on E. coli O104 outbreak in Germany and cluster of cases in FranceHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/07/2011The National Patient Safety Agency (Amendment) Directions 2011Department of Health (DH)
07/07/2011Researchers take US temperature via TwitterBBC News
07/06/2011Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument Medical device alert: MDA/2011/071MHRA
07/06/2011Scottish hospital infection rates continue to fallBBC News
07/05/2011EFSA Task Force reports on Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) outbreak ECDC
07/05/2011E. coli: EU bans Egyptian seeds after fenugreek linkBBC News
07/05/2011ECDC Director to the Informal Health Council on EHEC/STEC outbreak: Strengthen EU cooperation against epidemics essential ECDC
07/04/2011WHO issues revised drinking-water guidelines to prevent waterborne diseaseWHO
07/04/2011NICE advice on healthcare-associated infections: consultationNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
07/01/2011Development of a distance learning Diploma and MSc in Healthcare Infection Control Hospital Infection Society
06/28/2011Read the fact sheet on the top 10 causes of death WHO
06/24/2011Measles cases surpass 2010 total but MMR vaccine uptake reaches 90 per cent for the first time in 13 yearsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/21/2011As Glastonbury approaches the HPA launches a festival goers guide to staying well Health Protection Agency (HPA)
06/21/2011Scarlet fever hits Hong KongBBC News
06/21/2011Scaling-up HIV services for men who have sex with men and transgender peopleWHO
06/20/2011Public Health System ReformDepartment of Health (DH)
06/17/2011ECDC stresses importance of getting vaccinated before attending mass gathering events ECDC
06/17/2011Tropical diseases programme wins award for contribution to global healthWHO
06/16/2011Update on E. coli outbreak in GermanyHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/16/2011Eliminating congenital syphilisWHO
06/15/2011STIs drop for first time in a decade while testing and chlamydia screening riseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/13/2011HPA scientists unlock secrets of E. coli outbreak strainHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/13/2011Countries pledge $4.3bn in funding for child vaccinesBBC News
06/10/2011German authorities issue a joint statement on the Shiga toxin-producing E.coli outbreak ECDC