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Exposure to hepatitis B virus: guidance on post-exposure prophylaxis

Author(s)PHLS Hepatitis Subcommittee
AbstractThe paper summarises the views of the PHLS Hepatitis Subcommittee on prophylaxis after exposure to known and potential sources of hepatitis B virus (HBV) at work and in the community and expands on the guidance on hepatitis B immunisation and the prevention of occupational exposure to blood outlined in other BBV documents.
The paper provides information on: -
1. The risk of HBV transmission according to type of exposure, status of source and the HBV status of the person exposed
2. Significant exposure - percutaneous, mucocutaneous and sexual exposure
3. HBV status of source – known, determinable or unknown and undeterminable
4. HBV status of the exposed person
5. Incident reporting in the workplace
6. Incident recording and risk assessment
7. Serological testing and storage of serum
8. Post exposure prophylaxis after type of exposure determined
9. Follow-up of exposed persons
10. Supplies of HBIG
The information included in the above sections gives guidance on incident recording, risk assessment, testing and storage of incident-related blood specimens and follow up.
Date of publishing08/14/92
Date of last review by us09/17/2013
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe paper gives guidance on the risk of hepatitis B transmission associated with an exposure incident and includes information on incident recording, risk assessment, post exposure prophylaxis, testing and storage of incident-related blood specimens and follow up.. . .


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