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Seasonal Influenza National Knowledge Week

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The National electronic Library of Infection (NeLI) and the National Resource for Infection Control (NRIC) in collaboration with the Influenza and Respiratory Virus Programme Board of the Health Protection Agency are running a Seasonal Influenza National Knowledge Week from Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November 2007.

National Knowledge Weeks (NKWs) aim to provide busy healthcare professionals with quick and easily accessible up-to-date knowledge. The resources have been selected to provide the best evidence of current guidance or information about circulating influenza virus strains, their impact on different population groups, the flu vaccine uptake programme and guidance on the use of antiviral therapy as part of an annually updated list of the most relevant references and websites in the field of seasonal influenza.

The Health Protection Agency is responsible for the national epidemiological and virological surveillance of influenza which also includes development and monitoring of control and prevention strategies and providing information and advice on the impact of the disease in different age and risk groups.

The following sections of the NeLI/NRIC website are devoted to articles on influenza which we hope you will find useful as the season gets underway.

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National Knowledge Service - Seasonal Influenza

The mission of the National Knowledge Service, set out in the strategy of NHS Connecting for Health, is to ensure that every decision made by a patient or a healthcare professional can be supported by best current evidence. This page has been created following an annual review and analysis of evidence supplemented by new knowledge that has become available in the last year. We have aimed to present this evidence using classifications that best allow the reader to find the most appropriate evidence for his or her needs.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the selection or presentation of this evidence, or if you have any specialist questions on seasonal flu, please contact us here.