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The importance of Hand Hygiene (Dear Colleague Letter) plus “Wet, soap, wash, rinse, dry” Poster

Author(s)Department of Health (DH)
AbstractLetter providing information on the publication of free poster “Wet, soap, wash, rinse, dry” the first in a range of general hygiene communications which will form an important part of flu pandemic pre-preparedness planning. It should also have an important impact on seasonal influenza and other respiratory diseases. Hand hygiene will have a major role to play in slowing the spread of influenza and copies of the poster are being sent to a variety of NHS work places including: GP surgeries, health centres, pharmacies, health promotion units, health protection units, A& E departments and NHS walk in centres.
To access the poster go to
Date of publishing12/18/2006
Date of last review by us09/17/2013
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