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The Practice of Travel Medicine: Guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Author(s)David R. Hill; Charles D. Ericsson; Richard D. Pearson; Jay S. Keystone; David O. Freedman;
Phyllis E. Kozarsky; Herbert L. DuPont; Frank J. Bia; Philip R. Fischer; and Edward T. Ryan
AbstractThese guidelines have been developed to help define the field of travel medicine and provide guidance for those wishing to practice it.

Travel medicine is devoted to the health of travelers who visit foreign countries. It is an interdisciplinary specialty concerned not only with prevention of infectious diseases during
travel but also with personal safety and prevention of environmental risk. It differs from tropical medicine, because it focuses primarily on pretravel preventive care of persons and less on
the diagnosis and treatment of illness acquired in the tropics. However, travel medicine specialists should be able to recognize and either treat or triage common syndromes in returned
Date of publishing11/08/2006
Date of last review by us05/25/2007
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