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National Guideline For The Management Of Bacterial Vaginosis (2006)

AbstractThis guideline offers recommendations on the diagnostic tests, treatment regimens and health promotion principles needed for the effective management of bacterial vaginosis including the management of the initial presentation, as well as recurrence.

It is aimed primarily at people aged 16 years or older (see specific guidelines for those under 16) presenting to health care professionals, working in departments offering level 3 care in STI management (see national strategy(2)) within the United Kingdom. However, the principles of the recommendations should be adopted across all levels (levels 1 and 2 may need to develop, where appropriate, local care pathways).

This guideline has been produced by medical specialists from relevant disciplines. Successive drafts have been reviewed by the clinical effectiveness group of BASHH.

An extensive literature reviewed was carried out using Medline for the years 1970 to 2005 using the keyword "bacterial vaginosis". The Cochrane library was searched using "bacterial vaginosis". Previous guidelines were sought, and the 1998 and 2002 USA guidelines reviewed.
Where available systematic reviews were used. Additionally,randomised clinical trials and review articles were referenced. Only English language papers were used. The previous 2001 guidelines were used as a basis. Where feedback from clinicians indicated areas of controversy these were reviewed, and areas in which new RCTs had been published were reviewed. Expert opinion was sought for difficult areas such as the management of bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy.
Date of publishing02/01/2002
Date of last revision by publisher02/01/2006
Date of last review by us08/15/2007
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