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Malaria - Algorithm for Initial Assessment and Management in Adults

Author(s)The British Infection Society (BIS) and the Health Protection Agency (HPA)
AbstractMalaria is the tropical disease most commonly imported into the UK with 1500-2000 cases reported each year and 10-20 deaths. Management of malaria depends on awareness of the symptoms and correct diagnosis by performing the correct diagnostic tests. BIS has launched a malaria flow chart summary guide to aid in the investigation and management of suspected/confirmed cases and subsequent treatment
The algorithm provides important information on general management, triage guidance, key points in history and examination, urgent investigations and guidance on what to do once blood tests results have confirmed.
A full text guideline has been published in the Journal of Infection and can be found at
New guidelines on malaria prevention: A summary can be found at
Date of publishing02/01/2007
Date of last review by us01/03/2011
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