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Hepatitis C infected health care workers HSC 2002/010

Author(s)Department of Health
AbstractThe circular builds upon previous advice from the Advisory Group on Hepatitis that: -
infected health care workers associated with transmission of infection to patients should no longer perform exposure prone procedures (EPP)
health care workers who know that they have been infected with hepatitis C and who perform EPP should be tested for hepatitis C virus RNA. Those found to be carrying the virus (Hep C RNA positive) should not be allowed to perform EPP
It contains information on: -
testing before training for a career where EPP will be necessary
testing following exposure
resuming EPP following treatment
provision of information and training to reduce risk
The guidance introduces additional restrictions to those recommended in 1995 from the Advisory Group on Hepatitis and the guidance applies to all health care workers in the NHS who carry out EPP’s including independent contractors such as general medical and dental practitioners, independent midwives, students, locums and agency staff. It also applies to staff in the independent sector who are performing EPP on NHS patients.
The review date for this circular -13th August 2007

See also Hepatitis C Infected Health Care Workers (Accompanying booklet to HSC 2002/010)
Date of publishing08/14/2002
Date of last review by us11/07/2011
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe circular gives advice on screening, investigation, prevention of transmission and management of hepatitis C in all health care workers and those infected health care workers who perform exposure prone procedures . . .


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