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IDSA Guidelines for Treatment of Candidiasis

Author(s)PG. Pappas; JH. Rex; JD. Sobel; SG. Filler; WE. Dismukes; TJ. Walsh and JE. Edwards.
AbstractCandida species are the most common cause of fungal infections. Candida species produce infections that range from nonlife-threatening mucocutaneous illnesses to invasive processes that may involve virtually any organ. Such a broad range of infections requires an equally broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. These guidelines cover four areas: 1) Role of the microbiology laboratory; 2) Treatment of invasive candidiasis; 3) Treatment of mucocutaneous candidiasis; 4) Prevention of invasive candidiasis. Throughout this document, treatment recommendations are rated according to the standard scoring scheme used in other IDSA guidelines to illustrate the strength of the supporting evidence and quality of the underlying data.

Please note that these guidelines were developed in the US and that practice in the UK may differ.
Date of publishing12/19/2003
Date of last review by us06/22/2004
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