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Working Party Guidance on the Control of multi-resistant Acinetobacter Outbreaks (2006)

Author(s)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
AbstractThe "Interim" Report(2005) has been reviewed by the working party and this is the most recent update of the guidance on the Control of multi-resistant Acinetobacter Outbreaks (2006)
Increasing problems in hospitals in England with Acinetobacter spp. and a lack of national guidance and systematic review led to the original guidance being developed in June 2005 by a working group to address the problem of lack of definitive guidance. (Group representing - Association of Medical microbiologists, British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Hospital Infection Society, Infection Control Nurses Association and the Department of Health)
The '2005' guidance was reviewed following further meetings to explore views from Infection Control Teams from many affected hospitals, and other relevant experts. This is the first update of the guidance and it is the intention of the working group to review it periodically in the light of new evidence for prevention and control. The publication includes definitions, guidance on multi-resistant Acinetobacter, MRAB and MRAB-C incidents, and further useful information
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Date of publishing06/01/2005
Date of last revision by publisher08/29/2006
Date of last review by us06/09/2010
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanWith the lack of national guidance this document provides present definitive guidance on dealing with the emerging problems Acinetobacter in hospitals . . .


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