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PRODIGY Guidance - Leg ulcer - venous

Author(s)PRODIGY Knowledge
AbstractAims:This guidance covers the management of venous leg ulcers: assessment, cleansing, debridement, dressing, compression therapy, and preventing recurrence. Management of infection is addressed, and complications such as pain and associated dermatitis are discussed. It does not cover the management of leg ulcers with an arterial component or skin ulcers due to pressure.There is separate PRODIGY guidance for Palliative care - malodorous malignant ulcer of the skin and Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 - foot disease.
Intended audience: Medical practitioners and healthcare professionals.
Publication history information: Published November 2004.It isbased on the clinical practice guideline, 'The management of patients with venous leg ulcers', produced by the RCN in 1998.
Access: Available to the general public.
Date of publishing11/26/2004
Date of last review by us10/26/2005
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