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Guidelines for control of infection with Vero cytotoxin producing Escherichia coli (VTEC)

Author(s)Subcommittee of the PHLS Advisory Committee on Gastrointestinal Infections
AbstractThis document reviews the clinical and epidemiological features of VTEC O157 infection, describes the principles of microbiological investigation and laboratory safety, and presents recommendations for the prevention of spread of VTEC O157. The recommendations consider direct spread of infection from animals, foodborne spread, the institutions in which spread is more likely to occur (nursing homes, schools and children's day nurseries), and groups at particular risk of acquiring and transmitting infection (such as food handlers and those unable to maintain high standards of hygiene for themselves and their carers).
CDPH 2000; 3: 14-23
Publication history information: Guideline published more than 5 years ago, but publisher has confirmed the guideline's continued validity (March 2005).
Date of publishing03/01/2000
Date of last review by us06/30/2007
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