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PRODIGY Guidance - Sinusitis

Author(s)PRODIGY Knowledge
AbstractThis guideline covers the management of acute sinusitis and gives advice on when to refer for persistent symptoms. Sinusitis is also known as rhinosinusitis. It does not cover the management of coryza (common cold) or other causes of facial pain. There is separate guidance called Allergic rhinitis, Trigeminal neuralgia, Headache, and Migraine. The guideline provides background information and management issues (antimicrobials, decongestants, intranasal corticsteroids, steam inhalation, following referral). The guideline provides information on goals and outcome measures; background information (what is it?, how common is it?, how do I know my patient has it?, what else might it be?, what can go wrong?) and management issues (antibiotics, decongestants, topical steroids, irrigation and drainage of the nasal cavity, steam inhalation, surgery).
Date of publishing07/01/2002
Date of last review by us04/14/2004
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