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PRODIGY Guidance - Candida - skin and nails

Author(s)PRODIGY Knowledge
AbstractAims: This guidance covers the management of patients with Candida infection of the skin and nail folds (paronychia) with or without nail involvement. It does not cover the management of systemic candidiasis, nappy rash, tinea, erythrasma, bacterial skin infections or candidal balanitis. The guideline provides background information and addresses management issues: general measures, cutaneous candidiasis, candida paronychia and candida nail infection.
Intended audience: GPs, healthcare professionals, pharmacists.
Publication history information: Originally published August 1999. Last revised December 2002.
Access: Available to the general public.
Date of publishing08/01/99
Date of last revision by publisher12/01/2002
Date of last review by us06/13/2004
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