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Guidelines for the microbiological quality of some ready-to-eat foods sampled at point of sale

Author(s)A working group (RJ Gilbert; J de Louvois; T Donovan; C Little; K Nye; CD Ribeiro; J Richards; D Roberts; FJ Bolton) of the PHLS Advisory Committee for Food and Dairy Products
AbstractThese guidelines for the microbiological quality of ready-to-eat foods represent a revision and expansion of guidelines first published by the PHLS in September 1992 and revised in March 1996. This document reviews the changes and the reasons they were made and sets out the new guidelines. It also clarifies the role of food examiners in interpreting the microbiological results of formal samples.

Publication history information: First published September 1992, revised March 1996, September 2000. Although published more than 5 years ago, but publisher has confirmed the guideline's continued validity.
CDPH vol 3, no 3, September 2000, pp163
Date of publishing03/01/96
Date of last revision by publisher09/01/2000
Date of last review by us10/26/2005
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