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Immunisations -Influenza (August 2006)

AbstractThis guidance covers influenza vaccination, incorporating information from the Department of Health's Immunisation against infectious diseases - "The green book" chapter 19, Influenza (August 2006).

This guidance does not cover the treatment or prevention of influenza other than by vaccination, or the management of complications of influenza, such as chest infections, pneumonia, and otitis media. It also does not cover the circumstances of a pandemic, impending pandemic, or a widespread epidemic of a new strain of influenza to which there is little or no community resistance.

There is separate PRODIGY guidance on Influenza, Common cold, Otitis media - acute, pneumonia during an influenza epidemic (see Chest infections guidance), Sinusitis, and Sore throat - acute.

The target audience for this guidance is healthcare professionals working within the NHS in England, and providing first contact or primary health care. Patient information leaflets (PILs) are intended to be printed and given to people with this condition. The Shared decision making sections are designed to provide a focus for discussion during the consultation about the treatment options.
Date of last review by us11/20/2006
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