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United Kingdom national guideline on the management of the viral hepatitides A, B & C 2005

Author(s)Clinical Effectiveness Group (British Association of Sexual Health and HIV)
AbstractAims: The guideline offers recommendations on the diagnostic tests, treatment regimens and health promotion principles needed for the effective management of Hepatitis A B and C. It addresses initial presentation as well as the prevention of transmission and future infection.
Intended audience: Healthcare professionals working in genitourinary medicine departments, clients aged 16+ presenting to these departments.

Publication history information: Third revision of guideline first published in 1998. Updated 2002 and September 2005. Previous versions of the guideline have been reviewed by the Health Advisers professional association (SHASTD), the MSSVD, AGUM and Royal College of Physicians. All previous versions have also been on the MSSVD, AGUM and BASSH websites since 1998, were comments were invited from website visitors.
Date of publishing08/01/98
Date of last revision by publisher09/01/2005
Date of last review by us08/15/2007
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