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Optometric Clinical Practice Guideline: Care of the Patient with Conjunctivitis

Author(s)American Optometric Association
AbstractOptometric Clinical Practice Guideline on care of the patient with Conjunctivitispublished by the American Optometric Association (AOA) inNovember 2002 (second edition).The guideline contains two main sections together with conclusions and references. The first section is a statement of the problem including a description and classification ofconjunctivitis, epidemiology and clinical background. The second is about the care process including diagnosis (patient history, ocular examination, supplemental testing) and management (basis for treatment, patient education, prognosis and follow up). There arefour appendices, optometric management of the patient withconjunctivits,procedures for obtaining cultures, smears and scrapings,frequency and composition of evaluation and management visits and the ICD-9-CM Classification of Conjunctivitis.

Please note that this guideline was developed in the US and that practice in the UK may differ.
Date of publishing06/22/95
Date of last revision by publisher11/08/2002
Date of last review by us12/12/2005
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