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Guidelines on the management of, and exposure to rash illness in pregnancy (including consideration of relevant antibody screening programmes in pregnancy)

Author(s)P Morgan-Capner; NS Crowcroft on behalf of the PHLS Joint Working Party of the Advisory Committees on Virology and Vaccines and Immunisation
AbstractThese guidelines aim to help decision-making in the investigation and management of pregnant women who have 'a rash compatible with a systemic viral illness', or who have contact with a person with such an illness. They address particularly rubella, parvovirus B19, and varicella-zoster virus infection, but consider other infective causes of rash illness in the UK. The guidelines give the magnitude and degrees of risk to the fetus in terms of outcomes for the gestation at which maternal infection occurs. Communicable Disease and Public Health(CDPH) 2002; 5(1): 59-71
Date of publishing11/01/2000
Date of last revision by publisher03/01/2002
Date of last review by us01/04/2011
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