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BTS Guidelines - Control and prevention of tuberculosis in United Kingdom: Code of Practice 2000. Thorax 2000; 55: 887-901

Author(s)Joint Tuberculosis Committee of the British Thoracic Society
AbstractThis guidance updates the previous control and prevention guidelines published in 1994. New data available in areas such as infection control, bovine tuberculosis, the risks of transmission of tuberculosis during air travel and the changing epidemiology of tuberculosis in the UK has made this update necessary.
The code of practice includes guidance on: -
Public health law
Organisation of tuberculosis services
Control of tuberculosis in specific settings and amongst high risk
- control of tuberculosis in hospitals
- protection of healthcare workers and other groups working with
populations at particular risk of tuberculosis
- tuberculosis in prisons
- tuberculosis in the elderly in long stay care
- tuberculosis in schools
- schoolteachers and others working with children
- homeless persons
- tuberculosis in aircraft
Contact tracing procedures
Bovine tuberculosis
Screening of immigrants
Outbreak investigation
BCG immunisation
A subgroup of the JTC (BTS) reviewed the previous guidance (1994) and new data from recent epidemiology to produce this updated advice.
Date of publishing08/22/2000
Date of last review by us01/04/2011
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Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe document outlines the public health law and organisation of services for tuberculosis plus control and prevention of tuberculosis in specific settings and in high risk groups in the United Kingdom. . .


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