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Control of diphtheria: Guidance for Consultants in Communicable Disease Control

Author(s)JM Bonnet; NT Begg
AbstractThese guidelines for the control and management of diphtheria are intended for consultants in communicable disease control and regional epidemiologists in England and Wales. They are intended to complement existing guidelines from WHO. The guidelines cover the immediate steps to be taken following identification of a case, what is required to confirm the diagnosis, steps to be taken to minimise the likelihood of further linked cases, and what should be done to disseminate information after a case. Appendix 2 is an Information Sheet for contacts of a case.
Publication history information: Guideline published more than 5 years ago, but publisher has confirmed the guideline's continued validity (March 2005).
Date of publishing12/01/99
Date of last review by us03/10/2008
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