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Summary Benchmark: Bacterial Keratitis

Author(s)American Academy of Ophthalmology
AbstractThis is the Summary Benchmark of the Preferred Practice Pattern (PPP) forbacterial keratitis. Both are produced by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Summary Benchmarks contain a condensed version of the most relevant evidence-based recommendations of PPPs and were published in October 2003.
The first page outlines the three principles on which PPPs have been written and how recommendations have been rated by a panel according to importance to the care process and strength of evidence.
The second and third pages summarise the key elements for initial examination history, initial physical exam, diagnostic tests, care management, follow up evaluation and patient education.

Please note that this benchmark was developed in the US and that practice in the UK may differ.
Date of publishing10/01/2005
Date of last review by us12/12/2005
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