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Guidelines for Malaria Prevention in Travellers from the United Kingdom

Author(s)Chiodini P; Hill D; Lalloo D; Lea G; Walker E; Whitty C; Bannister B
AbstractThese practical guidelines from the Health Protection Agency Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention for UK Travellers update and combine the Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the United Kingdom for 2003 and Malaria prophylaxis for long-term travellers in a new format.
The guidelines are for use by healthcare workers who advise travellers but may also be of use to prospective travellers who wish to read about the options themselves.
The ACMP prophylaxis guidelines are intended for UK-based visitors to malaria endemic areas and may not be appropriate for use by those residing in endemic areas.
Further maps and updates will be posted regularly on the website as necessary.
Date of publishing01/01/2007
Date of last review by us01/04/2007
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