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Health Facilities Note 30 Infection Control in the Built Environment (Soon to be superseded by HBN 00-09)

Author(s)NHS Estates
AbstractThe guidance can be obtained through [previously the "Knowledge and Information Portal" (KIP)] by staff working in the NHS.A password is required which is free to NHS Staff
NHS and government users can access everything on the website free of charge. Private sector users can top-up their basic registration to the equivalent, for a small annual subscription fee of 275 per person (see ‘join us' for further information).
It reviews the evidence and provides a summary of the principles underpinning and the key considerations that would assist in achieving designed-in infection control. The aim of the document is to provide guidance to planning, design and maintenance teams and infection control staff working on new healthcare build and refurbishment projects.
The document covers Department of Health initiatives and policies that impact on this topic, the infection control implications for planning and renovation, the planning process and IC responsibilities are explained and the issues to consider during the design and planning process are discussed in some detail, i.e. isolation rooms, waste disposal, etc.
Appendices include; problem organisms; risk assessment; capital investment process; the four categories of equipment supplied for new build schemes; a draft Proforma and a summary of the terms used, references and further reading.

This guidance is at present being updated (2009/10)
Date of publishing01/01/2001
Date of last revision by publisher06/01/2002
Date of last review by us01/07/2011
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Full ReviewReview byQuestions this resource addresses
Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe document pulls together information that is already available but not always widely known on infection control topics relating to the planning, design and maintenance of buildings for healthcare estates and facilities and is an attempt to bring this information to those who need to know. . . .
Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThe web directory provides a searchable source of information on the many aspects of the healthcare environment, access to comprehensive downloadable guidance, and access to the NHS Estates Knowledge Network Groups with a facility to post questions to the ‘experts’ There are also useful links to related external sites.. . .
Click here for full reviewSue WisemanThis document provides guidance for the facilities required for isolating patients on acute general wards and outlines the requirements for planning, design and engineering parameters. . . .


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