Why are antimicrobials used in crop production? Is this a risk to human health?

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Making sure GM food is safe to eat

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Why are antimicrobials used in crop production? Is this a risk to human health?

Antimicrobials are sometimes used as pesticides and to treat plant diseases. Recently questions have been asked about the risk of resistance developing in bacteria as a result of antimicrobial use against plant disease and whether this resistance has any impact on human infections. The Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics outlines the possible risk to human health and provides links to further sources of information. In addition the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal published a supplement in June 2002 about antibiotics in agriculture and the possible risk to human health. The review concluded that all antimicrobial use (in animals, agriculture and humans) contributes to the problem of antimicrobial resistance in microbes.

There has also been some concern about the use of antibiotic resistance markers in developing Genetically Modified (GM) foods and whether the antibiotic resistance can transfer to bacteria. The Food Standards Agency discusses this in their GM Factsheet. They conclude that there is an extremely low risk of transfer of the antibiotic resistance gene to bacteria from GM foods.

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