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Take part in our survey.......What do you know about antibiotics?.....What do you think about antibiotics?.....Will we run out?

A new website....
This is a new website and to make sure it is helping you to understand more about antibiotics we are running a survey to compare your knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics before you use the site with after you've looked at it. Lots of research has been done to see how easy to use internet health resources are but we do not know much about how well they help you to learn about health issues. We have already done some similar research at various locations, see our research page for more details.

Help us to improve it...
We want to know if the website helps you learn about antibiotics. To help us you can take part in the full study and do a short questionnaire (10 true/false statements & 6 agree/disagree statements) both before you use the website and after you have finished. Alternatively you can just fill out the questionnaire once before you use the site. If you don't want to take part at all, please take a look at the site anyway, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.
  • To take part in the full survey and get a score showing you how much you know about antibiotics, and the chance to submit your suggestions about the site (takes about 10-15 minutes) follow this link....Full survey
  • To take part in only one questionnaire (takes about 2-3 minutes) follow this link...Short survey
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